Are words all I have

Wooden-letters-007Words from the heart are like the pages from a book, the smell, like a brand new best seller being opened for the first time. The exquisite smell: rising into the nostrils and swirling into handmade memories. A sparkling song of the flower describes the arms of my soul mate. From the corner of my eye love is only a few feet away from this heart of mine. Scintillating evenings makes it feel like there is no one there at all. Solemnity keeps me grounded on complicated nifty matters. You are the one I’m looking for and when I find you I will make my vows known to you because… Continue reading “Are words all I have”

My affair with Poetry


I love Poetry; everything about the written word formulated in such a way that it creates feelings and even wound up emotions. Just words and you can tell an entire story about songs of the heart, the callings of the soul and the yearnings of the mind, all fulfilled by the tales of the body sounding off into the distant a language that at most times only the heart gets its magnetising effect.

I love reading poetry and writing it. I think if they told me that I could not write anymore, I would say they substitute it with my sight or hearing. Not writing for me would be torture. I can’t stress how much I enjoy and relish in writing even the most silly or crazy stuff. I think I was among the few if not the only person who enjoyed and still enjoy writing notes in class during lessons. I still find myself scribbling stuff even in text books because my hand just itches to write something, anything! Continue reading “My affair with Poetry”