Her Bee Stung Lips


Tell me they need to be healed
Taken care of
So smooth and luscious
Have created moments to be yearned for
Emotions to be craved for
Illusions to be lived in reality
Sins to be forgiven later
They give me a purpose
Speak to me in tongues undefined
Course through my veins
Every moment I think of them
Wonder how they taste
How my lips will accept fate
When can i own them
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#1 You notice peculiar things you have in common

Questioning if you have found the one? There are certain things in this world that will let you know that you definitely found the one. “The One” usually differs from person to person, heck, there are those who do not believe in the theory of finding the one. The one here does not really have to be the theoretical soul mate. The one can be that person that gets you completely, understands your quirky side but still loves the hell out of you.

The one can be that friend who has seen your very worst sides, the best of you and knows you like the back of your hand. The one can be your brother or sister whom you trust with your life. We all have siblings that we often fight with and even hate but there is always one that you love more than the other, sibling love is never unconditional you get that from parents. You’re the one might be that first love you had and fortunately for you, you still have in your life 50 plus years later. Continue reading “#1 You notice peculiar things you have in common”

50 Shades Of Lust

It was the way his stomach muscles were divinely sculpted
That drew me in
I wanted to turn away, fast
But the way the droplets glistened on his almost inhuman skin
I could not willingly look away
Would I be condemned if I asked to touch
Would thunder strike me if I dared speak
Would the universe judge me if I fantasized
Being gripped by those gigantic arms
Every part of him just called to me Continue reading “50 Shades Of Lust”

Cougar Chronicles: Should I really call myself a Cougar


You know when you think of a cougar you imagine some 60 year old woman having ‘relations’ with a 20 year old boy…no offence, I imagine someone saying ‘none taken’, no? Okay. But honestly I never in my wildest dreams imagined or thought or dreamt or fantasized that I’d be dating someone younger than me. Do they even call that dating? Let’s just say ‘seeing’ a younger man…who’s 5 years younger than me, sound better than me being 5 years older than him right? Maybe not. Continue reading “Cougar Chronicles: Should I really call myself a Cougar”