Dear Diary: Feeling a little worn out

18/07/09 I ain’t doing too well. I feel like am staring into an open space or plunging downwards at a high speed. I am drowning into my own misery. I need to be with someone, anyone. I know I said I can’t be with anyone if I don’t love them but the people I love don’t seem to love me back. I need to start over and be my own person. Try and be happy. Maybe being with M ain’t a bad thing. Maybe I should give him a chance you know; you never know things could be great. Great romances don’t have to be perfect. Continue reading “Dear Diary: Feeling a little worn out”

Two Months to my birthday


My birthday is in May and I kind of dread getting there. I mean aren’t you  supposed to be jumping up and down with excitement because you are adding another year? Well i feel like crap because It just reminds me of the things I have not done. Where I wanted to be I am not even there yet. Seems like a long while before I get to that place where I will accept that life has to move on.
The worst part is that I have no job and it feels like I am going nowhere with this.How can one just loose everything at one time. I had plans of how this year would end. I had plans to buy my fridge, a new phone and even a gas cooker because I needed a kitchen of my own. Don’t get me wrong, living in my current bed seater was not that bad. I just needed my own kitchen! Is that too much for a girl to want? Continue reading “Two Months to my birthday”