Watermelon Lookalike Bread Recipe


I love trying out new recipes and when I stumbled upon this recipe of a Bread that looks like a Watermelon I must say I was excited and challenged. I love a challenge to prove to myself that I can actually do it. This recipe seemed complicated but if you follow the instructions to the end you will find that it is quite easy and fun to do it. So here goes my Watermelon Lookalike Bread, that I kind of burnt the crust..PS.. always check the temperature of your oven well…So let’s do this… Continue reading “Watermelon Lookalike Bread Recipe”

Egg-in-a-hole Recipe


Want a new way to cook your egg and toast? Why not try Egg-in-a-hole? Called so because you break an egg inside a hole you made on your slice of bread and cook. Easy? Yeah! Most Egg-in-a-hole recipes have runny eggs so if you don’t like your eggs sunny side up? Let the egg cook for longer and you have your yummy breakfast. Here is the recipe for this awesome breakfast toast. Have fun! Continue reading “Egg-in-a-hole Recipe”

Fried Onion Pasta with Cabbage Recipe

Nothing beats comfort food like Pasta, you can have it with anything from Beef, Chicken, and even fish. So I wanted something that would require little ingredients and did not take too long to prepare. So I simply looked around my kitchen to see what was there and found that I had some left over cabbage from dinner last night. The only thing I would have to cook was the Pasta which is easy anyway. So here in my supper that I enjoyed. Simple and not time consuming at all. Continue reading “Fried Onion Pasta with Cabbage Recipe”