Day 1: 30 Day Writting Challenge


I have been experiencing the infamous writing block which many writers face, well mine is because of different reasons but it’s still there. So I stumbled upon this challenge and decided I might as well try it out. It’s a 30 Day writing challenge where you have to write for 30 days continuously without missing a day. It is a list that has different writing prompts that you have to write about. I love the fact that you do not have to think about what to write about so follow me as I try to write daily. It’s a good way to practice your writing until you have your inspiration back. So here goes day 1 Continue reading “Day 1: 30 Day Writting Challenge”

Clothing Stained by Corrupted Flesh


City streets glowing the darkness of a full moon
Alleys crafted by those with evil intent
Stained lamp posts glitter with rust
She staggers almost missing a manhole
Heels tightened around her ankles
Thighs beating in the nasty July cold
Ring on her nipple grasping for space
Her belly button fighting the pinch
Long legs for days saunter along
A gasp here, a stare there
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Her Bee Stung Lips


Tell me they need to be healed
Taken care of
So smooth and luscious
Have created moments to be yearned for
Emotions to be craved for
Illusions to be lived in reality
Sins to be forgiven later
They give me a purpose
Speak to me in tongues undefined
Course through my veins
Every moment I think of them
Wonder how they taste
How my lips will accept fate
When can i own them
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Claim Your Body Like a Venom


I want to claim your body as my own
Possess every part of it
Like it is the only living thing on earth
The perfect molecule breathing on the planet
Every scent intoxicating like a vineyard
A drunk moment of forgotten mistakes
That lead to sealing of the lips
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