Gotta love Nairobi traffic


What is Nairobi Traffic? What is Nairobi traffic you ask? Well Nairobi Traffic is another planet where time stops in a ridiculous amount of time causing you anxiety, anger, bewilderment and even humor, sometimes. Nairobi traffic is a nightmare, or is it a bad daydream happening as you sit in the car crawling along the way to or from town? It’s crazy and it never ends! Nairobi traffic is like a whole social setting in itself, like a little town. Here you will find all sorts of people, and even businesses. It is somewhat a whole organization in itself created to test your limits of sitting at the same spot sometimes crumpled up like the pellets in an Orbit chewing gum (where’d they go to). If you have ever lived in Nairobi, people never want to leave this city, then you know this is a rite of passage of some sort, being initiated into the murky waters that is traffic in this capital city. Continue reading “Gotta love Nairobi traffic”

Straight outta Ummoja


Tao sabini Tao sabini! Wanne iende! Wanne ijae! Apana chelewa kazi!

Those are the words that I used to wake up to when I lived in Ummoja One. It was always like an alarm clock that told you time to get your ass out of bed and start getting ready for work or whatever it is that you would be waking up to. The bus stage was as noisy as you can imagine with Matatus trying to outdo each other on the loudest Music systems, Horns and the latest graffiti. It was chaotic but a good chaotic scene, which I loved to just watch all these elements trying to get to their destinations. Fights broke out, fights were started, fights ended and frights were resolved in the same space at the same time and with the same players of the Matatu script, battle of the best if you will. Continue reading “Straight outta Ummoja”

Dear Diary: Feeling a little worn out

18/07/09 I ain’t doing too well. I feel like am staring into an open space or plunging downwards at a high speed. I am drowning into my own misery. I need to be with someone, anyone. I know I said I can’t be with anyone if I don’t love them but the people I love don’t seem to love me back. I need to start over and be my own person. Try and be happy. Maybe being with M ain’t a bad thing. Maybe I should give him a chance you know; you never know things could be great. Great romances don’t have to be perfect. Continue reading “Dear Diary: Feeling a little worn out”

I’m a mess but my own kind of mess
I want to hate. I want to curse. I want to scream. I want to be angry. I want to cry. How can so many emotions exist in one single soul? Can a heart be able to hold all these in and still beat 364 days in a year, 365 if it is a Leap Year? I just feel hopeless. I look around and I’m exactly where I never wanted to be. See I had a plan, a plan that if it had worked, I’d be retiring and enjoying raising my family, four kids to be precise. Yet here I am sitting on a couch that I bought…paid for it in three installments…now it’s in my cousin’s house where I have moved in, after losing my job. Could it get any worse than this? Continue reading “I’m a mess but my own kind of mess”

Hustles of Nairobi Life

A Thief Stealing Mobile Phone

It had been raining and people were debating whether it was a blessing or indeed a curse. For the drought hit areas, it is a definite blessing as now the earth can refresh itself and sprout with produce.
To commuters who have to travel, that is a different kind of story. Just getting into a matatu during the down pour is a nightmare! Just to say the least. Then there is the issue of fare hikes…I can just imagine the matatu drivers/owners rubbing their hands together with a smug smile on their faces knowing money will be poured in the name of passengers paying higher prices. As they celebrate the pedestrian is cursing under their breaths at the thought of having to part with more money than is necessary. Continue reading “Hustles of Nairobi Life”