Going back to basics, who’s hiring

So I’m officially jobless. Contract ended. Problems with management. I can’t believe all of the 100 employees got to go home at once. It’s crazy you never really think about your job ending until it actually does. Then you are left with this hollow feeling of wondering what really went wrong. It’s less biting knowing that you had nothing to do with what the job ended, it’s not your fault in any way. We knew this was coming but hoped it would be quite the opposite, that we would be told that the management had talked and come to an agreement with the partners that we continue with the job. But, like all great dreams they eventually come to an end, a painful end I might add. Continue reading “Going back to basics, who’s hiring”

Are you your parent’s favorite child?

Every parent has a favorite child. We all want to believe that our parents love us and our siblings equally. That in their eyes we are loved the same, that we are one equally loved family. Wrong. They do love us, unconditionally. Not. Equally. Where do you think sibling rivalry stems from? We want to outdo each other, be better than her, earn more money than him, live in a better house than all of them, be the one your parents call for advice…list is endless. It is inhumanly possible to love two people the same so you can’t really blame them. Continue reading “Are you your parent’s favorite child?”

How to prepare for a job interview

It is always exciting to hear from the company that you have applied for an employment opportunity. This is usually the first step in realizing your lifelong dream of having a career, even perfect if the call is from a company that you have dreamt of working for. Whether it is your first job after completing university, you are changing jobs or moving to a different direction from your last career, it is important to prepare. It matters not if you have zero experience at a work environment or you have 20 years work experience. Every company is different and has its own expectations, behaviors and rules to be followed. After all preparation will give you that important edge over other candidates who may be more qualified than you. Knowing more information about that particular company will put you at ease and build up your confidence. This will enable you to give off your best in a relaxed mode and make you seem confident even if you may not be. Continue reading “How to prepare for a job interview”

The last time I visited Mom’s Grave

23/12/09 I think I am going to be fine. Coming here was the best decision I ever made. I know I needed this. I feel relieved. I have new meaning to life. I’m learning to let go. It’s been a long journey of a lot of pain, regrets and even depression but I am coming out of it. It always felt like my chest was carrying a heavy rock that kept grinding on without mercy. I just feel like I needed to see her resting place so that I can have a bit of letting go. Starting over has been harder than I thought but it gets better. I want to be better. Standing here at her graveside is scary because it reminds of the reality I need to face. She is gone. But her memories are still intact. Continue reading “The last time I visited Mom’s Grave”