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By the way it’s 2:04 am. Usiku Sacco. Lately I have become an insomniac, can’t sleep before 1 am. I probably should not have started my sentence with by the way my English teacher would have had my behind with those long skinny canes that they used to beat us with. I’m talking to 80’s babies here, these millennials are too soft like overripe Avocados, speaking of all things Avos are they still in season? So I have finally started a food blog, I’m a foodie!, always wanted to say that. I lie. That was just for impact. Anyway so back to my food blog. I am still learning the ropes of food photography, presentation and all that food jargon that goes with running a successful food blog. I have a few recipes that I have managed to put down, the favorite seems to be the Ugali Recipe, we do like our Ugali, though some will say “naharibu Ugali'” see for yourself what the fuss is all about.

For the drinkers in the house I have a Cocktail for you. See how I jali about your life, this foodie in me! I love food, cooking, but mostly, the eating part. So much has changed, I remember Mom used to make food and whether you liked it or not, it was either you eat ama ulale njaa. Nowadays I see kids acting all “oh I’m allergic to Ugali, oh I can’t stand Kunde” and I’m like really now? How now? We were literally forced to drink our water after meals. Each one had this huge colored plastic water “jugs” seriously they were huge or is it tall! They came in different colors so that we would not fight over which color we wanted-oh the silly fights- Mom would sit us down, did you eat while sitting on the floor? ama ni sisi tuu? Slippers in hand, waiting for us to finish food and then drink the whole damn jug of water, all in the name of keeping us healthy! Thanks Mama!

In case you are wondering what that picture up there is, find yourself here sai tuu. Back to childhood memories, in keeping with today’s food related matters. What was that one dish that you could not stand growing up? Mine is Ugali and Ndengu. Bleugh! I shudder just thinking about it. The worst part is that it’s our maid who used to cook for us day in day out, every lunch…oh if I could get my hands on her. To be honest she was just mean! She would be given queen cakes to give us each but then would take one and cut it into four so that we would share! (holds hand to the chest) but I am fine, everything’s just fine, it’s freakin’ fine! Take a deep breath woman!

I really did not have a title for this post, so I thought why not rant a little bit and advertise my Food Blog. That was the point really, but I am glad you have sat through this ka-rant at 2:26 am on a Saturday morning, it’s morning already? Don’t forget, check out that link, comment, like, share, even hate (i see you) I’ll be cooking while thinking how to torture my future kids with Ugali Ndengu. Wacheni nikalale ama ni kuamka?

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My first encounter with a condom

You know when growing up our parents never really talked about certain things, there were topics that were taboo, spoken in hushed tones that our kiddie minds could not comprehend. Our curiosity was never allowed to blossom. Some things were just untouchable. You were to be seen, definitely not to be heard. Your parents or pretty much any adult was the law. You never asked just did what you were told like the little tin soldier that you were. Asking why was never an option you had. You were to be invisible. Follow rules. Failure to which your tender behind would be saying hi to a belt, rod, slipper or mwiko (flat wooden spoon). Continue reading “My first encounter with a condom”

Mama your daughter will be okay

african Sometimes I made you regret But you forgot Because you loved me Sometimes I made you cry But you forgave Because you cared Sometimes I angered you But you assumed because you understood Sometimes I made you smile And you thanked God Because of me Sometimes I made you curse But you took it back Because you regretted Sometimes I made you laugh And you did Because you had hope Sometimes I failed you But you never gave up Because you believed.
You are a Candle in a storm…For all the times I made you cry those that I did not listen even when I disappointed you. Forgive me. For every moment I never cherished each time I made you sad or when I disagreed with you and made you regret. Continue reading “Mama your daughter will be okay”

Math divorced me and I aint got no regret

Raise your hand if you hated Math in High School. Yeah I knooooow! Us artsy guys prefer theory over formulas, trigonometry, angles, probability and all other Mathematics. If I had a choice to drop Math in High School, I would have. I don’t know why I never liked Math, maybe it had to do with the teacher or it was just me. I hated Math. I mean who ever finds X? Why can’t they tell us to find G or F or Y, why just X? Solving Math problems was just like telling me to speak in Greek. I think I blacked out whenever the lesson started. Don’t get me wrong I kind of did averagely well, I did try but I still hated it. Continue reading “Math divorced me and I aint got no regret”

Daddy Issues alert and then some


fatherHmmmm…..actually I don’t even have any. I don’t even know his name. You’d think after being on this earth for 20+ years I’d know the man who helped bring me into this world. But I don’t. I’m sure I’m not the only one on this earth wandering around trying to find the other half of my identity. It has become cliché that nobody really bothers anymore. Today with the many horrors of dysfunctional families having one or both parents it makes for a by the way conversation. It’s no longer shocking to say the least. Sad but that is the true reality. Continue reading “Daddy Issues alert and then some”