Kenyan Made: Mutura


So I have decided to start a series of the things that make or define Kenya:  the funny, sometimes ridiculous things that define who we are and what we stand for. Kenyan made is just me defining our lives in a completely different light. Mostly the crazy stuff, the mundane stuff, the real stuff, the Kenyan stuff. So to start us off, let’s begin with the basic Kenyan made stuff…Mutura! Right? If you live in Kenya, mostly Nairobi I’m sure you have come across Mutura and if you are not, Mutura (African Sausage)is stuffed cow’s intestines, roasted over a grill and enjoyed with Kachumbari (Tomato, onion, and Chili salad). Continue reading “Kenyan Made: Mutura”

Vogue Japan shoots in Kenya for their May 2016 issue


Photos Courtesy: Vogue/Erik Torstensson

These are some of the moments where you realize that Kenya is indeed a beautiful country that we sometimes take for granted. What is it ever going to take for us to appreciate the beauty and magnificence of our country if not for a giant Magazine like Vogue coming to town and showcasing our beauty to the world through a whole fashion spread. Vogue Japan shot its May 2016  Issue in Kenya which was dubbed ‘African Vibration’ so fitting for what Africa has to offer in more ways than one.

The magazine shoot features the beautiful Brazilian Model Renata Sozzi who is seen blending so well with the wildlife and even the local communities. The fashion editor that styled the beautiful Renata was Giovanna Battaglia showcasing beautiful and colorful traditional Maasai wear, lots of bead work and bold stripes. Continue reading “Vogue Japan shoots in Kenya for their May 2016 issue”