Have you ever looked at a guy and thought ‘he could totally have been mine’


We all have those haunting moments where you are looking at life in your own mind especially when you are seated or lying down by yourself, just thinking. Moments like this are when something has happened and you are reflecting on the day’s events. In your mind you remember something and are like ‘did that happen or did I imagine it?’ this is especially true with relationships. The romantic kind that is. No matter how hot headed or stubborn you are, there will always be that time where it is just you and your thoughts, you and your regrets, you and your wishes, you and your dreams, you and your fantasies, even you and your pissed off self. You cannot escape from having thoughts, they will nibble and bite at your brain until you are like WTF? Why am I thinking so hard? For no reason? Seriously? Escape. You cannot. Continue reading “Have you ever looked at a guy and thought ‘he could totally have been mine’”

When you cannot handle uncomfortable silences in a relationship


Every relationship starts with a hello. Conversation. You talk up that woman to ask her for a date. Conversation. You ask that guy about his life when you are together. Conversation. The relationship thrives on constant communication between two people. Without it the relationship would not even exist in the first place. Talk is important in all relationships, whether it is romantic or not. Romantic ones are the ones that really need to feed on constant and meaningful communication.

When you begin dating, you are always excited to speak to each other, all the time, every day if possible. You spend half the nights on the phone talking about anything and everything. From the latest movie, to the weather and even food. Every day it seems like you are talking about something different even if it may be the same thing you talked about the last three days. It’s still exciting to hear about his first basketball dunk that he has told you since the month began. It’s still interesting to hear about her new hairstyle that she got the last two weeks. You’re both having fun with each other’s mundane tales that may bore your friends. Continue reading “When you cannot handle uncomfortable silences in a relationship”

#2 You frequently stumble across things you want to share


In your quest to find the one person that you can call your own, the one who will know your soul, the one who gets you, the one who loves only you, the one you treasure…just the one, you will find that there are some things that will tell you if you have been successful or not. We all search for the perfect mate and we may not be willing to settle for less when it comes to love, though many of us do. Love has a funny way of playing with our emotions, we are always thinking is he/she the right one for me? Can I trust that they will not lie to me and break my heart? Can I believe it when he/she says they love only me? Should I give him/her the chance instead of Stacy or John? So many questions. Continue reading “#2 You frequently stumble across things you want to share”

The art of ogling: women do it too and better

Guys, here is a little secret that I’m sure you have been wondering, whispering among yourselves even debating whether it is true. Well, sorry to burst you balls (pun intended) it is true, women ogle at men, and they do it better than you. So catch your breath and let me fill you in on this art that you thought you had it down to the wire…the art of ogling. Evolution has it that it is only the man who is supposed to hunt and provide for its female. As much as I am not a feminist and still agree that a man is the head of the house, you must agree that times have changed. Drastically. Of course men hunt….still hunt, beg your pardon it stopped being a definite phrase. No offence. Continue reading “The art of ogling: women do it too and better”

#1 You notice peculiar things you have in common

Questioning if you have found the one? There are certain things in this world that will let you know that you definitely found the one. “The One” usually differs from person to person, heck, there are those who do not believe in the theory of finding the one. The one here does not really have to be the theoretical soul mate. The one can be that person that gets you completely, understands your quirky side but still loves the hell out of you.

The one can be that friend who has seen your very worst sides, the best of you and knows you like the back of your hand. The one can be your brother or sister whom you trust with your life. We all have siblings that we often fight with and even hate but there is always one that you love more than the other, sibling love is never unconditional you get that from parents. You’re the one might be that first love you had and fortunately for you, you still have in your life 50 plus years later. Continue reading “#1 You notice peculiar things you have in common”