To be a man

To be a man is to be Father
The day’s trials come like wind. Temptations like a tornado. Problems were like a whirlwind as fear became as wide as an ocean. The journey was like climbing a mountain and deep inside I felt as hollow as a cave. Sufferings came in a blizzard as emotions piled up like an iceberg. Friends disappeared like summer rain while hope fell down like autumn leaves.
My life froze up like snow and pain burnt like the Sahara Desert. A smile seemed as far as the horizon. You should have been there from the start, more than my best friend. Your hand should have kept and held me. My father’s love: a burner that should have been there in the middle of the night. Continue reading “To be a man”

Daddy Issues alert and then some


fatherHmmmm…..actually I don’t even have any. I don’t even know his name. You’d think after being on this earth for 20+ years I’d know the man who helped bring me into this world. But I don’t. I’m sure I’m not the only one on this earth wandering around trying to find the other half of my identity. It has become cliché that nobody really bothers anymore. Today with the many horrors of dysfunctional families having one or both parents it makes for a by the way conversation. It’s no longer shocking to say the least. Sad but that is the true reality. Continue reading “Daddy Issues alert and then some”