Are you your parent’s favorite child?

Every parent has a favorite child. We all want to believe that our parents love us and our siblings equally. That in their eyes we are loved the same, that we are one equally loved family. Wrong. They do love us, unconditionally. Not. Equally. Where do you think sibling rivalry stems from? We want to outdo each other, be better than her, earn more money than him, live in a better house than all of them, be the one your parents call for advice…list is endless. It is inhumanly possible to love two people the same so you can’t really blame them. Continue reading “Are you your parent’s favorite child?”

Daddy Issues alert and then some


fatherHmmmm…..actually I don’t even have any. I don’t even know his name. You’d think after being on this earth for 20+ years I’d know the man who helped bring me into this world. But I don’t. I’m sure I’m not the only one on this earth wandering around trying to find the other half of my identity. It has become cliché that nobody really bothers anymore. Today with the many horrors of dysfunctional families having one or both parents it makes for a by the way conversation. It’s no longer shocking to say the least. Sad but that is the true reality. Continue reading “Daddy Issues alert and then some”