Dear Diary: Feeling a little worn out

18/07/09 I ain’t doing too well. I feel like am staring into an open space or plunging downwards at a high speed. I am drowning into my own misery. I need to be with someone, anyone. I know I said I can’t be with anyone if I don’t love them but the people I love don’t seem to love me back. I need to start over and be my own person. Try and be happy. Maybe being with M ain’t a bad thing. Maybe I should give him a chance you know; you never know things could be great. Great romances don’t have to be perfect. Continue reading “Dear Diary: Feeling a little worn out”

An Email kind of love then rejection


After spending Christmas at my grand ma’s place, I was ready to start the new year hoping that this would be the best year in regards to everything…love especially…but when I returned checking the emails humming away happily I stumble upon this simple yet profound mail from him.

Fri, February 1, 2008 1:42:40 PM
Hi howz u hope sawaz b, I know that I keep a distance from u, this day I want to admit that I have to be sincere with u that am not giving u that love that u may need, I LOVE u and am afraid that I might end up hurting u in one way or another, One day u will love to c me happy not sad ,I will also be happy to c u happy let’s take time to rediscover our true self and feelings 4 each other and this does not mean that u get mad at me if need b I will talk to u personally. Lastly u have to know that I love u and never will I want to c u cry, or heartbroken I will b waiting 4 reply God bless and keep safe. Continue reading “An Email kind of love then rejection”