I’m a mess but my own kind of mess

I want to hate. I want to curse. I want to scream. I want to be angry. I want to cry. How can so many emotions exist in one single soul? Can a heart be able to hold all these in and still beat 364 days in a year, 365 if it is a Leap Year? I just feel hopeless. I look around and I’m exactly where I never wanted to be. See I had a plan, a plan that if it had worked, I’d be retiring and enjoying raising my family, four kids to be precise. Yet here I am sitting on a couch that I bought…paid for it in three installments…now it’s in my cousin’s house where I have moved in, after losing my job. Could it get any worse than this? Continue reading “I’m a mess but my own kind of mess”

Hustles of Nairobi Life

A Thief Stealing Mobile Phone

It had been raining and people were debating whether it was a blessing or indeed a curse. For the drought hit areas, it is a definite blessing as now the earth can refresh itself and sprout with produce.
To commuters who have to travel, that is a different kind of story. Just getting into a matatu during the down pour is a nightmare! Just to say the least. Then there is the issue of fare hikes…I can just imagine the matatu drivers/owners rubbing their hands together with a smug smile on their faces knowing money will be poured in the name of passengers paying higher prices. As they celebrate the pedestrian is cursing under their breaths at the thought of having to part with more money than is necessary. Continue reading “Hustles of Nairobi Life”