Safaricom Home Fibre Internet


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Kenyan Made: Mutura


So I have decided to start a series of the things that make or define Kenya:  the funny, sometimes ridiculous things that define who we are and what we stand for. Kenyan made is just me defining our lives in a completely different light. Mostly the crazy stuff, the mundane stuff, the real stuff, the Kenyan stuff. So to start us off, let’s begin with the basic Kenyan made stuff…Mutura! Right? If you live in Kenya, mostly Nairobi I’m sure you have come across Mutura and if you are not, Mutura (African Sausage)is stuffed cow’s intestines, roasted over a grill and enjoyed with Kachumbari (Tomato, onion, and Chili salad). Continue reading “Kenyan Made: Mutura”

Suzie Wokabi covers True Love Magazine May 2016


On turning 40

“I am already planning the party in my head. It will be so much fun. My 20s were for retardation and stupidity don’t ask what but I did lots of reckless things. I could have died. My 30s were for establishment. I got married and started my business. I reckon that my 40s will be for enjoyment.” Continue reading “Suzie Wokabi covers True Love Magazine May 2016”

Gotta love Nairobi traffic


What is Nairobi Traffic? What is Nairobi traffic you ask? Well Nairobi Traffic is another planet where time stops in a ridiculous amount of time causing you anxiety, anger, bewilderment and even humor, sometimes. Nairobi traffic is a nightmare, or is it a bad daydream happening as you sit in the car crawling along the way to or from town? It’s crazy and it never ends! Nairobi traffic is like a whole social setting in itself, like a little town. Here you will find all sorts of people, and even businesses. It is somewhat a whole organization in itself created to test your limits of sitting at the same spot sometimes crumpled up like the pellets in an Orbit chewing gum (where’d they go to). If you have ever lived in Nairobi, people never want to leave this city, then you know this is a rite of passage of some sort, being initiated into the murky waters that is traffic in this capital city. Continue reading “Gotta love Nairobi traffic”