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By the way it’s 2:04 am. Usiku Sacco. Lately I have become an insomniac, can’t sleep before 1 am. I probably should not have started my sentence with by the way my English teacher would have had my behind with those long skinny canes that they used to beat us with. I’m talking to 80’s babies here, these millennials are too soft like overripe Avocados, speaking of all things Avos are they still in season? So I have finally started a food blog, I’m a foodie!, always wanted to say that. I lie. That was just for impact. Anyway so back to my food blog. I am still learning the ropes of food photography, presentation and all that food jargon that goes with running a successful food blog. I have a few recipes that I have managed to put down, the favorite seems to be the Ugali Recipe, we do like our Ugali, though some will say “naharibu Ugali'” see for yourself what the fuss is all about.

For the drinkers in the house I have a Cocktail for you. See how I jali about your life, this foodie in me! I love food, cooking, but mostly, the eating part. So much has changed, I remember Mom used to make food and whether you liked it or not, it was either you eat ama ulale njaa. Nowadays I see kids acting all “oh I’m allergic to Ugali, oh I can’t stand Kunde” and I’m like really now? How now? We were literally forced to drink our water after meals. Each one had this huge colored plastic water “jugs” seriously they were huge or is it tall! They came in different colors so that we would not fight over which color we wanted-oh the silly fights- Mom would sit us down, did you eat while sitting on the floor? ama ni sisi tuu? Slippers in hand, waiting for us to finish food and then drink the whole damn jug of water, all in the name of keeping us healthy! Thanks Mama!

In case you are wondering what that picture up there is, find yourself here sai tuu. Back to childhood memories, in keeping with today’s food related matters. What was that one dish that you could not stand growing up? Mine is Ugali and Ndengu. Bleugh! I shudder just thinking about it. The worst part is that it’s our maid who used to cook for us day in day out, every lunch…oh if I could get my hands on her. To be honest she was just mean! She would be given queen cakes to give us each but then would take one and cut it into four so that we would share! (holds hand to the chest) but I am fine, everything’s just fine, it’s freakin’ fine! Take a deep breath woman!

I really did not have a title for this post, so I thought why not rant a little bit and advertise my Food Blog. That was the point really, but I am glad you have sat through this ka-rant at 2:26 am on a Saturday morning, it’s morning already? Don’t forget, check out that link, comment, like, share, even hate (i see you) I’ll be cooking while thinking how to torture my future kids with Ugali Ndengu. Wacheni nikalale ama ni kuamka?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude


via Photo Challenge: Solitude

The door is usually a lonely structure that holds so much yet is abandoned for the most part. The door holds so many secrets that if it were to open up, then most of us would want it shut immediately. There are those actions that only those behind closed doors know and will admit to doing. For instance a couple that is in an abusive relationship, to the outside world they are perfect, yet only the two of them and maybe the children know what is going on. This is so true in the African culture where you are not supposed to shout to the world your private issues, dirty laundry should be hung in the back of the house never to be shown to the world.

Then the door opens up many things that those inside might not have the chance to bring out. Literally that is why it is called, the door of opportunities. A door opening physically may bring with it opportunities both physically and even financially. Some of those who have great talent but are afraid to venture out, when the door opens they have nowhere else to hide but to come out and face their fears.

Solitude. That is such a heavy word that carries a lot of meaning and significance. You can find yourself in solitude out of your own free will. Sometimes you just want to be alone, with your thoughts, daydreams and even worries. Not that you are lonely but you just want to be, left, alone. That’s why the quote below just speaks to me so much, I have moments like those, where I want to go out in the middle of the night and just think, about nothing. Then I remember hey, I live in Kibera, I cannot go out into the darkness and think and stuff.. 


Anyway. Solitude is good. We all need that sometimes. Sometimes it is forced upon us, but just remember that door that you go through everyday, holds so much mystery and wisdom that you cannot fathom.

By the way I just found this in my blog draft I think it was for May or something, the only words were these “via Photo Challenge: Solitude.” So I scrolled in my Photo Gallery and literally just stopped on the picture of this door. I took it back in February in River Park Estate in Athi River…story for another day. So it turns out, it was just the perfect shot for the Weekly Photo challenge, so long ago. Sometimes inspiration just finds you wherever. I know I have not posted for a gazillion years but my mind has started working again, all that tension in the rat race closed off my grey matter but hopefully I am back and will be writing even if it’s just shitty rambles, at least my ink will not be dry! You feel me? I hope I made some sense, no?

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