Day 3: 30 Day Writing Challenge


So I am on day three of the 30 Day Writing Challenge. Today it is all about Pet Peeves, those things that you really hate and cannot stand. A pet peeve or pet aversion is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to himself, to a greater degree than others may find. We all have those things that really annoy us and just make us cringe and wish you were not present when it is happening. I found some really interesting examples of Pet Peeves from Huffington Post, and I must say they really resonate and are on my list of the most annoying pet peeves. Today I am only allowed 3 Top Pet Peeves so I will write about them.


a) People who take up space in public transport: Men who sit with their legs wide apart

I hate it when I am sitting in a bus/matatu and the person next to me is a man whose legs are so wide apart they invade your space that you end up sitting in a fraction of the space that was intended for you in the first place. I mean why would you be so inconsiderate as to take up space that was meant for two people. It is just plain rude! Is it so hard to just sit in your own corner without having to make your fellow passenger uncomfortable? Please, guys be considerate of others.

b) Loud Cell Phone Conversations in Public

Not everyone needs to hear which neighbor fought with who, what you are planning for dinner, where you will be going for holiday, who is having an affair with who, keep your conversations private. If you really have to talk on your phone, do not speak so loudly especially if you are in public and are in an enclosed space like a bus or an elevator.

c) Assuming that anyone whose political beliefs differ from yours is stupid

It is election period and politics is all people talk, breathe, dream about. Everyone has an opinion and as much as we are all entitled to it, we do not always have to agree to everything someone says. They are those who will argue for no apparent reason even though their points may not be true or right. And when you try to put in your own opinion they talk down to you or even call you names just because you do not agree with them or have a different opinion. TheyΒ CriticizeΒ every opinion you have without considering that we cannot all have the same thought pattern. Argue all you want but do not force everyone to agree with you or call them names if they don’t.

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