Day 2: 30 Day Writing Challenge


So here is day two of the challenge. So far I am having fun because I don’t really have to think about what to write about. And the topics are great because they are something I might not have thought about. I haven’t written for a long time so this challenge just came in time. I’m starting to feel inspired already and have that yummy feeling of writing something that is amazing and that you can share with people. I want to write more and so far I’m getting in tune with my creative juices that have been dried up for such a long time I was beginning to feel empty.


I have always written probably all my life from what I can remember. Even before high school I used to write short stories that I would give my friends to read and give me feed back. Unfortunately my grades started falling a bit because I was concentrating too much on writing and forgetting to read for my studies. So mum threatened that she would throw away my stories if I did not improve my grades by concentrating more on them. And you know mothers do not joke about threats. So I had to shuffle my stories, gather my mini novels and throw them in the cupboard. Needless to say they just gathered dust. I remembered them after high school but  don’t know but somehow the inspiration to write never came back then, so I just ignored writing for many years.

Writing never really leaves you as a writer. It is always there nagging you to write more. As much as I was not writing short stories, I still wrote poetry, so in the years that followed I wrote a collection of over 300 poems. Before I started blogging, they were just a collection in my notebook. When I discovered blogging I decided to put them online. My First poem blog is called Chaotic Soul Of A Poet where the over 300 Poems have found their home.

Writing has really played a big part in my life because I write whenever I feel the urge to write, my phone is usually a ready notebook where I jot down ideas and even whole poetry collections. From my old poems that I wrote in the 90’s to new ones that have a bit of a different feel. When you are a teenager your writing is usually innocent, simple and predictive, but once experience sets in, your writing matures and so I have grown and even my poetry has grown and changed over the years. So I started another poetry blog with more recent poems. Nairobi Poetry House is now the more modern collection of my poetry that has evolved over the years.

Okay so enough of all the ranting about my history of writing, hopefully I have not bored you at all. Back to the matter at hand, the 30 Day Writing Challenge Day 2. The question says to write something that someone told you that you never forgot. It has everything to do with poetry, dah! Anyway, Nairobi Poetry House blog has a Facebook Page where I write down all the poems on my blog. I also write and contribute my poems to other Poetry groups. Like I said as a writer inspiration always finds you wherever you are and this particular Poem was inspired by my bus ride when going to work. I was just seated in the middle of traffic watching as the buildings, roads and people zoomed past as we crawled along the road. Suddenly the urge to write just came and I took out my phone to write down the poem.

You know when you are writing and it’s like you are on auto pilot and the words just keep on flowing so smoothly you cannot help but smile, I was feeling like that as I wrote verse after verse of the poem until I finished it. I posted the Poem on a Poetry group and it got such great responses. But the one that I will never forget was one that simply said “You Win”, why? Because it was from an experienced poet that I have always looked up to. I admire his work and always said that I aspired to write like him. It was such an amazing feeling to think that someone of such great caliber could consider your work good enough to comment like that. As writers you know you always believe that your work is not good enough almost all the time.

So to have someone validate your work, and not just anyone, is the best feeling, EVER! I will never forget those words. I always Heard that an artist is his own worst critic, and it’s true with me. Sometimes I write, then read what I have written and feel it’s not good enough, yet when I get feedback, its extremely positive. So I am learning to appreciate my own creativity and accept compliments. Here! Here! to more writing. Find Day 1 here

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