Happy New Year No?


I know, its February. I think February should be the start of a New Year, at least that is what mine will be. I know I haven’t written in a gazzilion years but a lot has happened since I last wrote. I’m just beginning to write again so forgive me for being away too long, it has been too long. You know that way you end your year and expect that the new one coming will be different, exciting, full of color and the best year you will ever have? Well mine will probably not be the best year for me.

Like I said a lot has happened which I will not say in this post. You will probably have read it above since I will speak of it in the next post. Anyway hoping that this new year 2017 will be better than it started. So here goes another year hopefully full or writting. Cheers and happy new year!

Live in burgundy moments



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