The Rocket Science of Falling in Love


It was love at first sight…actually I only saw his back but what I saw I cherished. I love the arms so my eyes were drawn to his arms, his strong arms that seemed firm as he waited for the water to be brought for cleaning the floor. Then he left either to find out what was taking so long or to bring the water himself.

The walk, I loved the way he walked, it was as if the world had stopped and he was moving in slow motion. I simply liked what I saw.

He is cute and really sexy. I could tell he had a masculine chest through the almost hugging black T-shirt that he wore…forgive me God for lusting…maybe I was seeing or imagining too much but he had me hook, line and sinker. The whole package was totally fwayne! (Fine!)

Close up to his face…those annoyingly sexy eyes that can burn a hole through platinum. Did I mention he has the most delicious lips you ever saw?

I knew right then from that moment that he had bowled me over. I love a man who is dedicated and loyal to his work and he really is because he was volunteering. I know because it was a full four minutes and a half before my eyes stopped watching him work.

He’s just soooo lovable.

He almost caught me staring as it usually is, but I looked away lest those eyes melt me into a butter like puddle.

My heart was beating so loud I thought the whole congregation could hear it. Whoa! Slow down heart, it was only a look. What do you mean only a look? It was everything I needed to know. Perhaps he’s got some inkling towards me? Who’d know?

I must confess, the guy makes me nervous and I think I tend to run away-literally-when he comes near because I am afraid I will just freeze over and not be able to talk which reminds me of my first major crush when I was almost becoming a teenager.

How is it that a two-eyed-one-headed-ten-fingered human being like you can just cause havoc in your dear sweet heart to the point of all senses going into over drive and not responding to your brain’s command to- say something, talk, smile , stretch your hand for a hand shake … anything!

Blank stare is all you manage; I couldn’t let him have that kind of power over me so I chose to flee whenever I saw him and it almost always works.

On the flip side, at least I hope so, there is this feeling in my heart that he senses something from me and that he is also throwing the vibes at me.

For instance we had this ka-awkward moment when he came to where I was sitting. I had wanted to leave but gravity would not let me have my own way, so I sat right back when I saw him.

Frozen? Yep. I mumbled something about hi but it only came out as something between a whisper and a yelp or something more worse. He seemed not to have heard so I was glad he did not register my choked up croaking in his head…by now the-us against the world song would not have even made a difference…I was alone in the awkward pool.

Then there was this time we had a singles meeting- the stars above must have been shining brighter than I thought-snaking my way to a seat and of all the places I could have sat it had to be on the same isle as him.

He was here! My heart screamed. Running away again, I sat one sit away from him. I was afraid of getting too close to him and we all know the reason why.

I tried to pretend that everything was normal but there my heart goes again beating really hard. The air had never been so heavy before and who closed all the windows, it’s too hot in here!

Calming down I stole some glances towards him and at the corner of my eye I could see him doing the same…could this be a sign?

I must admit I like him, more than a lot. I know if you feel attracted to a person chances are that they are attracted to you too so I’ll play with that card because I feel deep inside my heart that he’s somehow into me, all I need is to find out.

But how? The stolen glances are not enough I need solid evidence.

All I know is that I can see a future with him; I have fallen in love with him. The guy is just perfect for me and I know I would love him forever.

I have put him in every detail of my life. Heck! He’s the guy who will propose to me!

He is the guy standing next to me at the altar, the love of my life that I am reciting my written vows to, the guy that we fight and make up, the man I laugh and cry with, the person who will hold our Quintuplets when they are born-three girls, two boys. Creepy? I know, but I like to be precise, you know…just in case.

He will be my best friend and confidante. The strong sexy man I tell I love you to and sleep next to every night plus “other stuff”. Basically he is the love of my life. The partner I desire.

He makes me nervous, all warm and fuzzy, giggly even…turned on. I believe with all my heart, soul and mind that he is my “The One, my Soul Mate”.

Now if only I knew his name…

Live in Burgundy Moments



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