Eargasm, orgasm, foodgasm are we having too much gasms


When it comes to English words, sentences, phrases, they keep changing and evolving every single moment. There are those words that we tend to make up just to make the conversation more interesting. Then there are those words that are used to describe a situation, feeling, explanation or even meaning. Some terms have been in existence since the beginning of time, others we coined them to explain the happenings and even feelings that cannot be described in simple terms.

There are some emotions that we get when we do certain things that are just too intense and deep that you have to have experienced it to know how it feels. Mostly we remember the feel good emotions more than the bad ones. Intense feelings and emotions tend to stick to your mind and therefore words had to be coined in order to bring out their true meaning. I’ve been hearing words being thrown about to describe what goes on when you are having such a moment. Three words for today are Eargasm, Orgasm and Foodgasm, here goes…

Eargasm. Have you ever been stuck in a Matatu and suddenly you feel an itch deep inside your ear and no matter how you try to lightly and respectfully scratch the base of your ear, the itch just does not go away. You know you can’t really dig in deeper because it is not publicly acceptable to be digging inside your ear. It is disgusting even, so you pray that the vehicle goes faster so that you can be in the comfort of your room and really deal with the emergency at hand, that nasty earache!

So you get home search your room for any blunt object, if you do not have ear buds you settle for match sticks, a biro, or the kifuniko ya biro. You finally settle for your weapon of assault. Dig it into the ear and you go like oooooooh! Aaaaaaah! Awwwwwww! That moment you get to the root of your itch and it feels so good…you’re having an eargasm. Yeah that word exists. We all have uttered such words when dealing with that ear itch that can only be quenched by closing the eyes, head thrown back, face contorted in that funny way that we’d be embarrassed if someone actually saw you doing it. You can never scratch your ear itch with a straight face and without suspicious sounds escaping your mouth.

Orgasm. Having an orgasm is like turning the heat up, your heart begins to race, blood is pumping, and muscles tensing up as the body is filled with intensity. It is having tingling sensations that promise a climax, being overcome with a feeling of euphoria. The surging of blood rushing wondering what is happening to your brain. Nerves start to transmit signals forming feelings of attachment, causing involuntary body movements and incoherent vocalizations. An orgasm is addictive like a drug, there is surge of chemicals, blood flow redirected, loss of control, and breathing accelerates while the heart rate plummets fast causing uncontrolled muscular reflexes, then the brain region shuts down.

An orgasm is so important that humanity is always looking for ways to get better orgasms, more orgasms and even unfathomable orgasms that promise a memory not to be forgotten. But really how many people can really say that they have experienced one, no wonder there are cases of couples faking them just to please their significant other.

Foodgasm. Have you ever looked at a food plated so elegantly that you can physically imagine the food slithering down your throat? All you can think of is slicing or forking that piece of deliciousness and put it in your mouth, chew and then let it fill up your stomach. That feeling of desperation you get when you are so hungry that you would eat a whole cow if possible, and then you actually get your meal, and eat. That feeling of satisfaction you get when you have eaten a delicious meal, that oh, so awesome aftertaste of a pleasant meal that you get after devouring the food is what is Foodgasm. It is also the rousing feeling you get when you look at delicious food plated in such a way that the food is too beautiful to eat.

You imagine what it will taste like, what it will smell like, what its texture will feel like on your tongue, what its spice tickling your mouth will feel like, what it will feel like travelling down your throat. You can’t wait to have a bite of the food that’s taunting you with its scrumptiousness, even salivating just at the thought of indulging in it.

Eargasm, Orgasm, Foodgasm are all intense feelings you get from the object of your desire and the result of struggling to satiate pending emotions. We all experience the three powerful feelings at some point in our lives. Some more than others, but like every thirst that needs quenching, these feelings are impossible to disregard. An itch is an itch, you can never ignore it, and the only way to deal with it is take action.

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