Taking Stock Three


I can’t believe it’s June already! I know I haven’t written in a while and to be real I haven’t been inspired lately. I have so many ideas to write yet when I want to write, words just don’t come out the way I want. I’ve been having these weird mood, one time I’m mad, sad, happy, sane, just so many things at once. I don’t know I just feel so so so low…it’s just crazy. So back to the matter at hand- stock taking- today I really have few words to speak so mostly it’s like a monologue of sorts, haven’t really been thinking about things lately. So here goes my shortest version of this month’s taking stock.

Opening: up to myself more, allowing my thoughts about me to be real and as raw as I can manage

Feeling: a bit emotional

Knowing: i have to stop feeling like this

Wishing: i was braver than I am right now

Hoping: i don’t have a bun in my oven

Marveling: at the moon

Needing: a hug

Watching: blind spot series, so engaging and I can’t stop watching it

Learning: to trust myself more

Loving: avocado

Admiring: paintings

Thinking: hmmm…

Wanting: to feel like me again

Smelling: peanuts

Dreading: how much faster the days are going now that we are in the second half of the year. Totally scary

Dreaming: currently having nightmares. What’s up with that?

Cooking: fruity oatmeal for breakfast

Making: plans to attend the Cake Festival 2016

Reading: Lethal Code (A Lana Elkins Thriller) by Thomas Waite

Drinking: coffee. I’m getting addicted to it

Listening: to my heart beat, I feel like sometimes it beats too fast at night before I sleep

Writing: the first poem in a few weeks

Wondering: what will I wear for the Cake Festival 2016

Eating (Licking): peanut butter

Wearing: my towel, I’m feeling lazy

Creating: check back later

Regretting: not dancing more

Wasting: sugar. I’m adding more sugar in my coffee than I am used to

Noticing: it’s June

Giggling: at Zootopia Movie. The scene where the rabbit goes to the DMV to check for a license plate and meets the Sloths. Waaa! Laughed my eyes out

Following: Ashley (@bakerbynature) oooooh! yum! yum! I want all her baked goodies

Bookmarking: http://www.nasranuralain.com thus woman is just amazing! Modesty in another level. Who knew you can wear denim, leather as a Muslim. Check her out!

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