Suzie Wokabi covers True Love Magazine May 2016


On turning 40

“I am already planning the party in my head. It will be so much fun. My 20s were for retardation and stupidity don’t ask what but I did lots of reckless things. I could have died. My 30s were for establishment. I got married and started my business. I reckon that my 40s will be for enjoyment.”

On her journey in business

“Good makeup products were expensive. I would walk into the beauty stores and I would be shocked at the cost of things. A MAC foundation that I would buy in the US then for say Ksh 2000 would cost Ksh 9000 my only option was to buy abroad….the more I thought about it the more I realized that I couldn’t be the only one with the same struggle. So one morning in January I woke up and told my husband ‘Eric, I will make my own!”

On challenges faced

“The product was tried and tested, but then came the hard part. Fundraising. They needed Ksh 60 million to get the product to Kenya. “Explaining to bank managers that I needed a loan to manufacture a product whose sales history wasn’t known was a tall order…”

On advice to upcoming businesses

“Jump. You have this idea? Go do it. Do the things that need to be done to get that thing to happen. Don’t sit about listening to a million ideas and opinions. You will never get it done. Don’t seek opinions, seek information…”

Live in Burgundy Moments



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