How to make soft Whole Wheat Chapati


I have always enjoyed making Chapati, though it wasn’t so when I was growing up. I hated the whole process of kneading and whenever we cooked they always turned out really hard, cardboard hard, but mum insisted we would eat those hard shapeless excuse of Chapatis until we learnt. And learnt I did until it was no longer a hustle, I have ever woken up craving Chapatis at five in the morning on a work day so I cooked them. Proud to say I have perfected the art of Chapati cooking. I have always cooked white Chapatis so I decided to try out much more healthier Brown/Whole wheat Chapatis. For me the secret to creating very soft Chapati has always been kneading with hot water and using a good amount of oil. So let me show you how I made these awesome soft Brown Chapatis.



1 Cup Whole Wheat Flour

1 Cup water (hot)

Oil for kneading and cooking

1 pinch Salt



Boil water with oil and the pinch of salt until bubbles form

In a different bowl put your flour, add the water and use a wooden or metal serving spoon to knead the flour since the water is too hot to use with the hand. Work the dough as you add water little by little until the dough does not stick to the dough.

The more you knead, the more the water cools down so keep checking if the dough is not too hot to work with your hands.


Add oil in the dough as you continue working it about two more minutes until the dough has a smooth surface and can be formed into a round mound/ball. The dough should not be to sticky or too hard. Cover the dough with a damp kitchen cloth and let it rest for about 30 minutes. It should look something like this.


Once the time has elapsed, cut the dough into 7 equal ball, the number will depend on the size of the dough that you kneaded.

Roll each ball out and use a spoon to apply little oil on the surface, make sure that the oil is spread evenly across the dough. Use a knife or fork to cut from the middle to the end and roll the dough so that it has a cone shape.


Use your fingers to tuck the outward corners to form a ball again. Repeat the process with the remaining 7 balls until all are completely done. Meanwhile flour your working surface and roll out the balls to form a round shape.


Set your pan/skillet on the stove to get hot.  If you prefer thinner Chapatis you can roll thinly which will make them bigger, if you prefer a bit thick roll a little bit making the smaller.


Place your rolled out Chapati dough on the hot pan, wait a few seconds then turn the other side without having oil on the pan.

After you have turned the dough on the other side, spread your oil on the browned side and immediately turn, spread oil on the second side. Let the Chapati brown before turning it and cooking on the second side.


Remove the Chapati from the pan and put it on a plate cover it with a paper towel then repeat the whole process with the remaining dough.

Serve with your favorite stew or eat it as a snack the next day with tea, they usually keep soft and warm nicely.

Bon Appetite



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