Taking Stock Two


So, Happy New Month even though we are in the second week of May. This is my Birthday Month which you can imagine I am excited about, to some level at least. This is the second taking stock post, not sure whether it will be a monthly stock taking or if I will be doing it after an incredible moment. We’ll see. I had fun doing the first Stock Taking so this should be interesting seeing that it has only been a month yet so much has changed. I feel different somehow, a mixture of excitement, anxiety, sadness and high expectations. It has already been a leaded month already what with Mother’s Day having been yesterday, my Birthday coming up next week. As you can see May is a huge month for me so to see what I am looking forward to, what I have felt and realized here is the second version of Taking Stock.

Wishing: I could eat all the cake in the world and not worry about growing fat. Yesterday we had a sweet Mother’s Day cake and I have been craving cake a lot lately. I even had the cake for breakfast.

Bookmarking: Folake Huntoon (@stylepantry) That woman has amazing looks that I would like to dig into this year. This is my year for a makeover, in every way possible.

Eating: Nutfields Cashew Nuts, roasted and unsalted

Dreading: my upcoming birthday. Only because I feel like so much time has elapsed and I have not really done things that I hoped that I would have done by now. Honestly things haven’t really gone the way I had planned out my life to be. But still grateful I am alive, that’s what is important

Smelling: fresh baked bread

Hoping: to fall in love again. This has remained constant since last month. I still want that feeling of being in someone’s arms, being cherished and spoilt rotten by that love.

Following: http://justjoykendi.com/ She is just amazing!

Wearing: pajamas. Still in bed

Dreaming: of taking a vacation. I need to breathe a different air. See a different scenery. I just feel exhausted and stuck in the same place. It would be nice if I could go on a road trip with friends or even just one person.

Wanting: more of peace of mind. My mind has lately been scattered thinking too many things and nothing at all. The past, present and future have been on my mind I’m actually having a headache don’t really know why but I should stop thinking.

Marveling: at the resilience of a mother.

Knowing: no situation is ever permanent.

Giggling: at Zootopia Movie. I love, love animations, I could watch animations all day and not feel like I have wasted time. Something about animation that just calms me down and feel like I can literally do anything and go anywhere.

Creating: a plan to start baking seriously

Writing: on my blog. I haven’t written in a while. I think I had hit a snag or just the events of life have been at my throat causing my brain to freeze a little. I’m loving it because writing has always been my reality therapy.

Cooking: managu. A traditional vegetable that I have been fermenting with milk. Can’t wait to have it with Ugali when it is done. I need to start eating more traditional healthy vegetables.

Thinking: about my Birthday that is coming up on 18th of this Month. Do I want to celebrate it or not? What has changed between the last birthday and this one? Am I any different? Birthdays are supposed to be exciting but I am having mixed feelings about this one.

Needing: validation that I am as strong as I think I am sometimes

Feeling: whimsical

Regretting: that I did not tell mom I loved her more often and showed her that she is the most special person in the world to me. Mother’s Day has been a little unsettling but I know she is ever looking out for me and is proud of me for the person I am trying to be.

Listening: to Hillsong UNITED Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)  I need me some inspiration

Making: room for change. Will expound when I know what it is I am exactly making room for.

Admiring: how the weather is cold yet I feel this sense of calm.

Watching: the Transporter- Refueled. There is just something sexy and exciting about fast beautiful, beautiful cars and a ridiculously beautifully handsome British actor. The mix is just intoxicating, I love classic cars and I love classic men. This movie gives me both.

Opening: a new chapter of Why Men Love Bitches From Doormat to Dream Girl- A Woman’s Guide to Holding Her Own in a Relationship by Sherry Argov.

Noticing: my dreadlocks have really grown

Wasting: time worrying about my birthday. I should just wait for it.

Drinking: more water

Reading: Why Men Love Bitches From Doormat to Dream Girl- A Woman’s Guide to Holding Her Own in a Relationship  by Sherry Argov.

Loving: Pink Lady Apples

Learning: to forgive

Live in Burgundy Moments



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