A life without reliable Wi-Fi

You should see how people walk around town looking for Wi-Fi, you would thinking they are trying to find Nemo in the big ocean of life. Guys walk into a café or restaurant and instead of asking for the menu, they ask the waiter ‘Is there Wi-Fi?’ like the food would not go well if they cannot access the Wi-Fi. You should also see the excitement in people’s faces when they enter a place and their phone is showing ‘Unsecured Wi-Fi’, it’s like they have just hit the jackpot. Wi-Fi dependence has caused life to be about Social media and technology. We have become too dependent on the World Wide Web that even a simple problem is Googled. Have a headache Google will tell you that you have Migraines, want to be happy? Google will tell you buy that Ferrari even though you know you cannot afford it.
Don’t get me wrong I have no issue with Google, in fact without it I would not be writing this. All I’m saying is that once in a while we need to engage in meaningful conversations with actual people instead of the virtual Gravators that we want to believe are great people on the other side of the world. Life will not stop moving if you are not online for a single day, the world will not end if you have not updated your status on Facebook or Instagram. So all this WI-Fi searching got me wondering what would it be like having a life without reliable or no Wi-Fi?
People would talk more. I mean instead of being on the phone taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi, they would actually have a conversation. It will not be a Yeah, Ummm, Okay, Uhuh, kind of dialogue which sometimes becomes a monologue. Concentrating too much on a gadget has detrimental results in many relationships. When you think about it that gadget cannot replace warm human contact, it will not keep you warm at night, you will not be able to tell it all your problems and it will not console you when you need it.
Dinner table would be filled with conversations. Nowadays instead of people eating together at the dinner table, they are scattered all over the house each with a plate on their lap, focused on their smart phone. With the advent of home based internet Wi-Fi packages, families are able to have internet connections on the house. This means they a family does not need to sit at a singular place to eat but are spread around the house eating while surfing. It used to be that dinner time was a place to share a meal together and share the day’s events, bonding time. Now there are dinner tables with no one sitting there or only the parents eating at the table, most likely even they have their attention fixed on their smartphones.
Friendships would blossom. How many friends have you lost contact with because you have mad countless faceless besties on the internet? When was the last time, you sat with an old friend and caught up on how their lives are? Do you even know whether your cousin is alive or not? Wi-Fi means more internet time, more internet time means no time for actual physical meaningful relationships. Friendships have ended just like that because people no longer look up from their Wi-Fi enabled smartphones.
Kids would play outside. Growing up we created and made games to play. We played Kati, Bladder, Kalongolongo, Police and Robbers, Shakes, Three Sticks, Brikicho, Bano, Hop-Stop-And-Jump, Skipping Rope…if you are in Kenya asking what these games are, then you need to disconnect your Wi-Fi connection and look outside. It’s sunny and a beautiful day. Nowadays you will find kids indoors with the latest PS games, on their laptops, smartphones or even big screens playing games, half of which are violent. We went out to play in the morning and come back at home with all colors of the dirt on our almost tattered clothing. Why do you think adverts like Omo’s ‘Dirt is good’ is trying to get kids outside to play? They know kids are no longer being dirty and muddy little kids anymore.
Guys would be more creative. Guys no longer make an effort to woo women that they want to date. The internet has all the resources. Want to know how to pick up women, there is an App for that, want to break up with the said woman, there is an App for that. Liking a woman’s post or photo on Instagram or Snappchat does not equal to asking her out. You can follow her on Twitter and poke her on Facebook all you want, but if you do not talk to her, you will not get her to go out with you. Our parents tell us that courting a woman was an ART. See they used words like courting, wooing. Our Wi-Fi generation uses terms like banging, ponyoka na fresha, see why their marriages lasts for 60+years while ours if you make it past24hours then you have really committed.
Dates would be more meaningful. Going out on dates used to be to get to know each other more, find out what you have in common and how much you enjoy being together. In this Wi-Fi infused dates, there really is little talking, more of grunting and one word answers. Or both of you exchanging funny clips, latest Selfie, trending hash tag, latest emoji among other internet enabled activity. What happened to just talking. Talking about the weather, why do that when I can show you on the Accuweather App? Go out and play tennis, why do that when we can rent and play a virtual tennis game?
I’m probably sure there are some people who would go on a frenzy if they were not able to access Wi-Fi. That latest gaming up will not upload itself, how will they know that I went for vacation in Bora Bora if I don’t post my pictures? How will she know I’m dating a hot guy if I do not tag her sorry ass on my Tumblr page? It would be a total crisis if access to Wi-Fi was denied to some people. The world would literally collapse, a totally technology withdrawals syndrome would set in and maybe just maybe people would look up from their smartphones. Once they realize that they are smarter than their master the Smartphone. A life without reliable Wi-Fi would be interesting to see. Maybe then people would actually know that the Rainbow still comes out after a rainfall and it looks beautiful!
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