Sink Me Into Satin Sheets


I have missed your touch

I have yearned your body heat

Thirsted for your intoxicating words

Dreamt of your breath on my neck

Imagined your toes tickling my own

Thought of nothing else

But your tender morsels

Hello sweet perfume of my needy chest

I have missed your lips

I have yearned your bold presence

Thirsted for your drizzling embrace

I only see you in my dreams

Wake me up so I know you are here, not in my subconscious

Hello my sweetness in sorrow

This cold winter night

Sink me into satin sheets

Let me wake up amidst its creased top

Hair wrinkled because satin sheets took us in

Unraveled duvet that found its way on the floor

Our heat too magnified to be contained

Your skin tattooed on my own thatโ€™s grateful

Grateful for the attention it got from you

You who sank me into satin sheets

Satin sheets wrinkled in submission

Faithful to their luxurious exterior on us

I have missed your hair

That I love to fold into my fingers

When you sink me into satin sheets

Lift me up away from reality

Contain me in your delicious embrace

Take this needy woman in love

Bury the earth’s worries away in her

Let satin sheets keep our profound secret

A secret of delicious magnitude

A secret of unquestionable bliss

A secret of mind blowing proportions

I have missed your chest

That I love to feel with my fingers

Play with the hairs that define you

Touch it with my rescued lips

When you sink me into satin sheets

You are here with me now

Enough to satisfy my loneliness

Carefully tending to my livid impatience

I only ask in weakness, in tenderness

Sink me into satin sheets

Copyright March 2016

Mulunga Alukwe

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