#2 You frequently stumble across things you want to share


In your quest to find the one person that you can call your own, the one who will know your soul, the one who gets you, the one who loves only you, the one you treasure…just the one, you will find that there are some things that will tell you if you have been successful or not. We all search for the perfect mate and we may not be willing to settle for less when it comes to love, though many of us do. Love has a funny way of playing with our emotions, we are always thinking is he/she the right one for me? Can I trust that they will not lie to me and break my heart? Can I believe it when he/she says they love only me? Should I give him/her the chance instead of Stacy or John? So many questions.

You can never truly know a person unless you really know them. When it comes to dating, the first impressions that we make really matter. And as much as possible you try to have the best behavior that you can master just to attract that other person. The first days of dating are heady and such a rush that you never sop to question anything. You are in love. He is so amazing! She is so perfect!  This may run for days, weeks or even months, for the very few that it last for a year, all you see is the best parts of the other.

Afterwards comes the reality that this person may not be as perfect as you thought. You begin to notice a few things that you wish they would do or stop doing. You are still in love with them but they are not really as perfect as you had envisioned. They are not perfect after all! You want to be with them still. Because your heart has decided that this person is as close to being your ‘the one’ as anybody can be. So you wonder is he? Is she?

To answer your question is simple. If you find that you frequently stumble across things you want to share with your partner, then you can be sure that you might be dating your “The One” This might even mean that you two are headed for a happily ever after story, in some way. When you are in love, you tend to always think about your partner anytime, every time. They are usually in your mind all day, little things remind you of them.

Statements like “Oh, bae would love that…” “I bet she would enjoy that…” “I wonder if he would care for that…”keep creeping in your mind whenever you are out and about. You walk into a vintage shop and you see this cute miniature rocking chair and all you can think of is her loving it. Or as a woman you see a flat screen TV in a shop and immediately you smile thinking how much he would love having it. Little things remind you of him/her and make you smile subconsciously.

Things that you touch, smell, eat, see, hear makes you think about how much fun or exciting it would be if he/she was there to share them with you. Whenever you are apart and you know you are in love, not one moment will pass before something triggers a memory of your loved one. If you are not able to walk down the street without tripping over something funny that you want to tell him/her later then it means you two are practically meant to be.

Sending I miss you texts, calling the other person when you two are apart are just a normal part of dating but what makes it extra special is that you cannot keep thoughts of that person out of your head because you can’t help it. You may not even realize it but stumbling upon little things that makes you want to share with him/her is a sure way that you have found your ‘the one’.

It’s simple really when you are truly in love, you tend to think about the other person more than you think it is normal. Little moments make so much sense and are much more special because you want to share them with your love. You are no longer just thinking about yourself in your space, you include hi/her. Personal space is what every human treasures and would not want it to be invaded. If your love is willing to share their personal and private space with you, then it means they are ready to commit and they have chosen you to be the one. Whatever the one implies. It’s always different for each person.

Love is beautiful and it makes sense that you would want to find someone to share it with for the rest of your life. There are those who find their ‘ones’ in an instant, while there are those who’s love is cultivated first by friendship. There is really no need to keep stressing yourself over whether you have found ‘the one’ or whether the one you are with is ‘the one’, love happens in different ways. Enjoy the one you are with and realize that every love is special and to be nurtured. Be ‘the one’ to someone before you expect them to be ‘the one’

Read here #1 You notice peculiar things you have in common for the first sign that you might have found your The One”


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