Live in your ‘Time Zone’ get off that rat race

“Someone is still single…someone got married and ‘waited’ 10 years before having a child, there is another who had a baby within one year of marriage.
Someone graduated at the age of 22, yet waited 5 years before securing a good job: and there is another who graduated at 27 and secured employment immediately!
Someone became CEO at 25 and died at 50 while another became CEO at 50 and lived to 90 years.
Everyone works based on their ‘Time Zone’
People can have things worked out only according to their pace.
Work in your ‘Time Zone’
Your colleagues, friends, younger ones might ‘seem’ to go ahead of you.
Don’t envy them, it’s their ‘Time Zone’ You are in yours!
Hold on, be strong, and stay true to yourself. All things shall work together for your good”
I saw this post on my Facebook timeline from one of my friends and it was my Aha! Moment. Epiphany if you will. It made so much sense to me and so true of the reality of life. Everyone lives according to their seasons and no one is ever the same. Life moves in different directions for everyone, and at its pace. Trying to catch up or live up like everyone else is never possible. You can only live the way God intended you to live. We all get caught up in the rat race that we forget what or who is really important. In the end we end up with only regrets and nothing to show for it. It is quite exhausting trying to keep up with the Joneses or Kardashians of this world. They will leave you behind or you will leave them behind. It’s just a matter of choice, deciding what is more important, being happy or making everyone else happy.
Living in your time zone is living life according to YOU and nobody else. You get to dictate how your life will be. You get to decide who will be in your life. You get to decide what you will do with your life. You get to decide which career is right for you. You get to choose the place you will live. You get to decide how happy you will be. You know what is important in your life. You. You. You. Nobody else.
If you keep chasing after what is expected of you, you will reach a point where you realize that you are the one who is living that life and it may be too late to change the course of the path you chose because someone else chose it for you. I used to do that, compare myself with others before me or with me. I would look and see some doing better than me, others, having what I want, and honestly I envied that. But then I realized this is my life, I don’t know how they got where they are at the moment. That big car I might be envying the person might have been corrupt to get it, that house may have been stolen or that wealth gotten by nook and cranny. So I stopped. I now know where I am is exactly where I am supposed to be.
Everything comes at its own time, it might not be the time you want it to come but eventually if it was supposed to be yours you will get it. Life is in stages and people are in sizes. Nothing in life is permanent. You may be up today, tomorrow you may still be up but the day after tomorrow you find yourself below sea level.
If you keep running trying to catch up with everybody else, you will at the end of the day collapse exhausted and worn out. Everyone has their own pace of running, some go for the 42km marathon, others the 21km marathon, others for the 10km marathon while others sprint on the 400m race. Know where your strength lies and fight to be the best at that point. After all, once you run you will get at the finish line no matter which race you took. And wouldn’t it be better if you got to reach the finish line in one piece than be broken and you have not yet achieved what you wanted?
Humans are never satisfied, the more they have the more they want. It is never enough, it is never over, it is never satisfying, is never complete and it is never the same. Each man to their own destiny, no matter whether you are born as twins or live in the exact same conditions. In life there are those who excel in academics yet become failure in the business world. And there are those who badly fail at academics yet excel in business. It is just about knowing where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Two people can be given a million dollars yet at the end of it, one will have grown it to be 10 million dollars while the other will have nothing.
Before envying those that are in success, find out what they are doing right to make it work and also what they did wrong that they changed or improved to get to their peak. Live in your own Time Zone and forget about outside pressure or comparisons, sure people will always judge you for everything whether you fail or succeed, they will still judge and speak. So it is not up to you to decide to explain yourself, show by your actions. We can never be all the same, each has been given their own gifts which will work for you but not for another.
Nobody knows about tomorrow, so live in the now, live your own life, love your own achievement, enjoy your peace and happiness. Nobody can take that away from you except you let them. You only have one heart, don’t let it be destroyed by the pressures of the rat race. Get off that rat race if it is killing you or invent how to make it better for you so that you are running at your own pace that will yield results. Nobody is perfect and nobody has everything. What you have is the best for you at that moment. Live like you own your life and do not let anybody dictate it for you.
Live in Burgundy Moments


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