Going back to basics, who’s hiring

So I’m officially jobless. Contract ended. Problems with management. I can’t believe all of the 100 employees got to go home at once. It’s crazy you never really think about your job ending until it actually does. Then you are left with this hollow feeling of wondering what really went wrong. It’s less biting knowing that you had nothing to do with what the job ended, it’s not your fault in any way. We knew this was coming but hoped it would be quite the opposite, that we would be told that the management had talked and come to an agreement with the partners that we continue with the job. But, like all great dreams they eventually come to an end, a painful end I might add.Questions are not even being answered as to why the contract ended, all we knew was that our management and their management had issues that they were unable so sort out so we all suffered the consequences of people who refuse to talk out issues and iron them out. It just feels like a nightmare that you want to wake up from but cannot. Why now, why when everyone was looking forward to signing a new contract?
Even though it was not anybody’s fault, but the management of course, us low level guys just have to accept the way things ended. It’s like a bad break up where the guy or chic leaves you without reason. Whether you caused the breakup or not, doesn’t really matter, bottom line is, the relationship had ended. And painfully. It’s now two months down the line and nothing has changed. They promised to negotiate we go back to work, but really when one month ends another comes in, no one really needs to tell you that it is over. Time to take a hike and sort yourself out.
Now I’m going back to basics, who’s hiring? I feel like I’m in murky waters not knowing where to start. One year in employment kind of makes you to be hang over your comfort zone. You never really think about how things will change when it is all over. My life had a rhythm, I knew waking up, and getting to work, working, at the end of the day go home and wait for the next day. I was so excited because this job was everything I could have wanted. And since it was a new project, it had the potential of becoming bigger and more satisfying. I mean, the boss assured us that the next time, we would sign our contracts, and there would be salary increment and better allowances. All that now just a dream of things come and gone.
What am I thinking at the moment? Do I go back and look for jobs in the exact sector I was working in, or do I take the time to look at something different. The jobs themselves coming by is like a needle in a hay stalk. You never know which companies have job vacancies, I this times, it has become “Know who” instead of “know how” the…who-do-you-know syndrome. Sucks but the reality is on the cold hard ground. You never hear of the open vacancies, just later on hear that they have been filled, either in your bus ride of at a supermarket and you are like when did they advertise that position? There’s never really an answer for that except who did you know that should have let you in on the secret.
Most days I just wonder if it would just be easier to start my own business instead of waiting for someone to employ me. Then again with business, you need starting capital. I know we are often told that having a dream is the most important part of getting your business started but what good is the idea or dream if there is no money to support it? It’s what is called being stuck between a rock and very hard place. Both kind of need money to start, getting a job, you most likely will need to say thank you to the potential employee before getting the job. Your own business, you need that money to establish it on the ground, it doesn’t help that there are various procedures and processes that will require money before you start.
Who’s hiring? Who’s giving start up capital? Who’s sponsoring my idea? Anybody ready to believe in my dream? Who wants to partner with me? Question, questions, it’s a never ending cycle with decisions that you have to make. Do I stay and work for that company? Do I choose that other company? Will I grow if I establish myself in that business? What do I really want form all this?
I always want to have my own business eventually. Being your own boss is the best feeling in the world. At this rate I don’t know if I can be able to achieve that. The years have gone and I’ve been working on short contracts not really giving me the chance to really invest and save up for that Bakery and Restaurant business I have always dreamt of. Dreams are valid right? But not without money, Dollars, Yen, Euro, Shillings, different currencies yet everything you need to harness your dream and make it a reality.
I seriously need a job. I cannot stay in the house again, it’s just not good for me. Anyone hiring?
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2 thoughts on “Going back to basics, who’s hiring

  1. hey,
    Thanks. it’s quite depressing when you are used to a schedule then it just stops! The hustle for finding a job is tough but we always hope for the best.


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