What I would tell my future self

The future is something that we always think that is so far away that we tend to ignore it and deal with it when it comes. Your future may be tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, even ten years to come. Most people imagine the future to be an ambiguous thought that you really do not have to get into it. Living in the now is important yet the future plays such a significant role in our lives. Now brings with it moments that create what you will look forward to in the next memory of your life. Learning to concentrate on how you live now makes you less worried about what might happen in your future. We are told to plan for the future because without planning, you might end up feeling overwhelmed by it all.
Don’t be afraid to love
I would tell my future self that love is not all that complicated and feeling in love is the best emotion in the world. I have so far learnt that love makes the world go round, it makes your feet not touch the ground when you are in love. I would tell my future self not to be afraid to love, because love is sometimes a fleeting moment that you have to capture with your whole being. Heartbreaks should not make you be afraid of loving that one person or even two people at the same time.

Say no, it won’t kill you
I have a weakness for always giving it to people’s requests even though it is at my inconvenience. Future self, please learn that saying no will not kill you, saying no will not make people hate you, saying no will not make you lose that friend, saying no is good, saying no makes you an assertive person. Future self, no is a word that you should learn to use more often if you do not want to have a heart attack from all the pressures of having too many things to do for others.
Love like tomorrow doesn’t exist
Future me, when you fall in love, love like tomorrow does not exist. Give it your all, love as if the whole world is not there and it is just you and your loved one. Do not be afraid of being heart broken, a heart break will not make you weak but stronger. Tomorrow is never guaranteed, love in the now and make the best of it.
Kiss that frog
I know sometimes you find that the one who is completely in love with you is the person you have no feelings for. Nobody is perfect, in life you have to kiss several frogs in order to get your own prince charming. It may be that the person you think is not right for you is the person that will make your life a whole lot better. Future self, do not run away from all the frogs that come your way, amidst all of them is your prince charming who will make your heartbreaks worthwhile.
Dance more
When you are feeling down, dance. When there is no food to eat, dance. When he has just left you, dance. When rain falls on you, dance, when everybody abandons you, dance. When you are unsure of what to do, dance. When things are tough, dance. When you are in love, dance. Dance darling dance. Get your beats by Dre headphones and dance in the streets, in traffic, on the field, at home, everywhere. Dance more so that life does not seem that dull. Dance to your favorite tunes whether it be Reggae, Rap, Hip Hop, Rock, Gospel, Country, RnB…just dance!
Fight for what you want
Never be afraid to go for what you want. Life is too short to worry about what everybody else wants or thinks. You can have it all, if you just learn to fight harder. Future me, nobody will love you like you can love yourself. Nobody will give you what belongs to you on a silver platter. Nobody will put themselves before you, so fight and get what is rightfully yours. Nothing should stop you from being aggressive and brave. Your life is your life and nobody can make it better than you can. Live in the moment, your dreams await you.
Learn more
Never stop learning something new every day, it makes you more intelligent. Reading keeps your brain active so that your body can be active still. Learning does not have to be in the classroom only. You can learn by reading more books, magazines, the internet, and novels, just read more. If you want to get a new skill, go back to school if you want to. Reading never stops, and learning never ends.
Regret less often
There will be moments in life where you will regret a decision you made, food you ate, who you loved but swallow your pain and move on. Regrets will be always be there since at the end of the day we are all human. We make mistakes and regret later, so future self if regretting is inevitable do not dwell on it but find a solution and move on. Lingering on the regret will only make it worse and depressing.

Travel the world
I know you love to travel so travel the world future me. Do not let time, resources or people stop you from seeing the world in different time zones. The world does not even have to be another country, Kenya is beautiful enough because after all, you have not been to all the counties to know what they have to offer. Traveling does not have to necessarily be physically going to places, even just enjoying worldwide cuisine is like being in that country! Have fun, live life to the fullest, take lots of selfies and photos to create memories that will last a lifetime.
Be selfish once in a while
Dear future me, you do not have to give in to all demands of everybody else. Have some me time and be selfish once in a while. The world will not end if you do not give in to your boss’s demands. Friends will not abandon you if you refuse to hang out with them because you need some alone time. You will not lose your siblings if you refuse to go out with them, when all you want is to spend time with your boy/girlfriend or spouse. Be selfish. Once. In. A. While.
The future is great, something to look forward to and anticipate. How you live now mostly determines how your future is shaped or becomes. Live in the now. Don’t forget your future.
Live in Burgundy Moments


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