I don’t know what I want from this, decoding the boy code

break up quotes
So a guy tells you “I don’t know what I want from this” what is really going through your mind? You’ve asked him what he wants from your relationship and that is the best answer he can come up with after a few seconds of Ummm, Ummm…Men have been known to speak in code, short answers that never really mean anything or satisfy your question. You write a three paragraph text to him and he responds with “k”, seriously why can’t he just write full sentences, you wonder.

I can only answer the question through my own experience. That’s exactly what a guy I was dating told me after asking him, it was a fast whirlwind of a romance and I think it was heading downtown. I sort of knew he wasn’t into it. Eventually we ended it. It was inevitable. Kept me up at night thinking. So what does that statement mean?
Your relationship is over
Guys tend to be more emotionally enclosed and really do not like to express themselves. Words are not really a man’s strong suit. The fewer words he uses the more he thinks he has communicated with you. They cannot find it in their brain to expound on what really is going on in their minds. So they use ambiguous statements so that they cannot commit to the repercussions of those words. If he cannot commit to the relationship then he tells you he does not know where this is going, means your relationship is over or was over before you knew it.
He’s not too serious with you
When a guy is dating you, you are the most important part of his life. He will be sure of where your relationship is going because he sees you as part of his future. Men are not like women, when they are in love, it is a decision they have made and they tend to stick to it. If he tell you he does not know where your relationship is going, then he is not serious about the two of you. If he is not serious now he will never be.
Your relationship is not real
If a man does not know what he wants from the two of you being together, then your relationship is not real. When a man meets a woman for the first time, his mind is usually made up about who you will be in his life. He might be with you for a season, for flimsy reasons like a rebound or even cheating on you. A real man knows what he wants, if you’re not important enough to give you a straight answer, fill in the blanks.
He wants to break up with you
Guys usually like a breakup that is not messy. If he does not want to be the one hurting you, he will use vague words to make you walk away. I don’t know what I want from this, is just a short version of I want to break up with you but I want you to do it. Relationships are simple, men are not that complicated, yet for whatever reason they can never tell you to your face that the relationship is over.
He genuinely doesn’t know what he wants
If you meet a guy and on the first date, you are already asking him to meet your parents or how many children you want, then he will probably tell you that he does not know what he wants from this…this being you. Men generally close themselves up when you put them under unnecessary pressure. He will flee for the hills, if you come in too strong.
Guys are not that complicated, they say what they mean and mean what they say…most of them anyway. If a guy wants you he will make it known and will want the world to know that you are his. He will be straight with you from the beginning, unless he is a shady guy who has other bad intentions. If he is speaking in code just go ahead and ask him what he means and if he cannot be honest with you, then the relationship was not meant to be in the first place. Cut your losses and move on, life is too short to spend trying to decipher the meaning of words when you could be spending it loving the one who is completely into you.

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