How to wear statement jewelry

Statement jewelry is jewelry that stands out since it is usually chunky, multicolored, or even made of mixed materials like metal and plastic, or iron and glass. Statement jewelry can be either earrings, bracelets or necklaces. They are usually bold, stunning and so really do not need to be accessorized too much. When wearing statement jewelry here are a few pointers to make them work for you.
Always pick jewelry that suits and will compliment you as the wearer. Statement jewelry should not just be worn without considering your size. For instance, long necks look much better when you wear chockers compared to someone having short necks. You can also consider the tone of your skin, wear statement jewelry that compliments your skin tone so that you do not look too busy either it be earrings, necklaces or bangles.
Consider the neckline of the outfit. As much as statement neckpieces are very versatile and can be worn with any outfit, consider the look that you want to achieve. You can wear statement neck pieces with collared outfits, they go well with ether high or low neckline outfits.
Statement jewelry can be worn for official occasions. You can still wear statement jewelry when going to work. Just ensure that it is not standing out or too brightly colored. Something like a chocker worn with a white button down shirt will look official but yet classy.
Statement jewelry can be worn with jeans. Do not just restrict wearing your statement jewelry for occasions like dinner. A simple outfit like a T-Shirt and jeans can go well with a statement jewelry like a chain around a white T-Shirt.
Choose a piece that compliments your look. Whichever outfit you choose to wear, they should be simple enough to compliment your elaborate neckpiece. Also contemplate the detailing at the neck, if you are wearing an outfit that has too much detail it will compete with the neckpiece. Also be sure that your neckpiece is not too loose because it can make too much noise and be distracting.
If you are wearing a bold neckpiece then choose to wear smaller earrings. Dangly earrings get stuck in huge statement neckpiece. Do not mix bold statement jewelry like wearing chunky or huge bangles with neckpieces, if you wear one big neckpiece compliment with a few light bangles or earrings.
Consider your work environment. Working in a serious environment like a banking institution will pretty much make it impossible to wear statement jewelry. Since they are loud and in your face it would be difficult to handle clients with earrings dangling on your neck.
Just have fun with wearing statement jewelry as they are beautiful, elegant and give you the confidence to rock any look you choose.


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