Who makes your happiness happen?

We are all in pursuit of finding the meaning of life, is there such a thing as true happiness in the self? Are we happy? Are you happy? Does the never ending search reveal success at the end? Is life so unfilled we die trying to achieve perfection? What really is happiness?
Is it having money?
How many times have you held a bunch of notes in your hand and felt like it still did not make you as happy as you thought it would? Having money is not everything, can money talk to you when you are a lone? Can it hold you when you need a shoulder to cry on? Money is an object that will do nothing unless you make it move. So can it really make you that happy?
Is it having food?
As much as food is essential part of being human, because you know, we eat to live, but is it the only reason that can make you happy? Sure there are those who are starving and food might be what they need but it will not make them happy. Why? Because that food is not a luxury but an item for survival. Having food will not make you happy, it will only relieve the need to survive another day since you cannot be alive without food.
Is it driving the latest car?
I’m a big fan of cars, especially vintage cars, they just make me have an orgasmic out of body experience. But does that make me happy? Not really. At least not all the time. You might have a bunch of the latest cars in the market but you can only drive one car at a time. And the thrill of it will only last as per the time you are in that car. Once you are out reality of the existing world hits you and you are back in your unhappiness hole.
Is it traveling the world?
Personally I love to travel, if I had the resources I would travel the world just to have a different experience, relax and have fun. As much as traveling will make you happy, you will still have to go back home and face the challenges that come with being alive. Will traveling cure your boredom or craving for an adventure? Yes it will. But it will not bring you happiness forever, you will see but you cannot live traveling.
Is it affording designer labels?
Sure designer labels just make you feel like a million dollars’ worth, but they come and go. What is designer today may tomorrow be worthless. So having all those designer labels lined up in your closet will not quench the thirst for real happiness. After your heady affair with all things designer, at the end of the day you bath naked and cannot wear all the labels at the same time. Your happiness is therefore short-lived.
All these things are subject to debate, as tangible as they come, they still leave you or you leave them first. So what really is happiness?
Having family
A family is the very essence of human existence, it defines and molds us into the people that we are to be. Family brings total happiness, there’s no better feeling than knowing that you have people that love you unconditionally. Sure you may fight and not even talk to one another sometimes, but at the end of the day you will never be happier anywhere else in the world than with your family
Having strength to breath
If you walk into any hospital where there are sick people is when you will realize that life is not to be taken for granted. Look at those who need to breathe through oxygen masks, some do not have the strength to even sit or do anything by themselves. If your lungs are working without a machine to help you breath, then you have more than enough to live in happiness.
Having loyal friends
Having friends is one thing but having loyal friends is another. There is nothing that brings complete happiness like knowing your friend are completely loyal to you. Friends are usually second to your own family when it comes to how crucial they are in your life. There are even those families where a friend would be more loving than even his or her family member. Loyal friends just bring untold happiness.
Knowing there’s a higher power looking out for you
Whether you are Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, knowing that there’s a higher power that is looking out for you gives you peace. Happiness is found in believing in something greater than humanity which causes you to be positive in the way you live life. When you are happy you know that no matter what you will be okay because your belief in that greater power makes you less likely to be saddened thereby you are happier.
Knowing you are loved
Every human being craves to be loved, nothing feels precious than knowing that there is someone who loves you. Whether it be family, friend, spouse or even child, being loved just brings untold happiness. The fact that someone is thinking of you and loves who you are ensures that you are happy and content.
Having peace of mind
Theirs is nothing that humanity strives like having peace of mind. Peace of mind is the state where you have less worries, life is not perfect yet you know you will be fine. Peace of mind is technically a prerequisite to happiness. You cannot be happy if you worry about everything and everyone around you. Having peace of mind guarantees that you are able to deal with problems as they come so that you have nothing or little to worry about.
I can tell you what happiness is not. Having wealth but no peace. Too much education without knowledge where to use it. Having riches with no friends…but
Relying on someone else to make you happy is really a waste of your time and energy. You are the master of your own destiny and that applies to your own happiness too. People will suck out the life in you as you try to make them the object of your happiness. Device your own ways to be happy, let people be a part of that and not the whole of it.

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