#1 You notice peculiar things you have in common

Questioning if you have found the one? There are certain things in this world that will let you know that you definitely found the one. “The One” usually differs from person to person, heck, there are those who do not believe in the theory of finding the one. The one here does not really have to be the theoretical soul mate. The one can be that person that gets you completely, understands your quirky side but still loves the hell out of you.

The one can be that friend who has seen your very worst sides, the best of you and knows you like the back of your hand. The one can be your brother or sister whom you trust with your life. We all have siblings that we often fight with and even hate but there is always one that you love more than the other, sibling love is never unconditional you get that from parents. You’re the one might be that first love you had and fortunately for you, you still have in your life 50 plus years later.

As you can see, the one really does not have to be a love interest. But for now it’s the one in romantic terms. We all search in our lives for that person that we can say we will love for the rest of our lives. Falling and being in love is the best feeling in the world. Whether it has hurt you badly or not, loving and being loved is just magical. Our hearts need to feel wanted, needed and even missed so there will always be a search for the one, who will be ours for the rest of your life, season, month, week or even just an hour.

So you meet this guy and your heart is filled with giraffes, not butterflies. He just makes you want to climb Mount Everest and such giggly stuff. You’ve never felt like this before, in fact you decide all other times you have not been in love. He is the real deal. At least you hope.

How do you know if this is the person you can trust with your tender heart that has been hurt for most part of your adult life? Everything seems right. Your womanly instinct does not have any red flags, your brain is sober and your heart keeps missing that beat once in a while when he is around. This is it. He is the one. Or is he?

So here starts some of the things that can help you decide whether you have found your “the one”. This is the first of a series I’ll be writing titled “Wondering if you have found the one”

You notice peculiar things you have in common
Having something or things in common with your love interest is fun because you realize that the two of you will not have a hard time getting along. Common things like similar tastes in music, sports, food or even movies is great but then being too similar can lead to boredom since everything you know, he knows and vice versa. Albeit not a bad thing but, you need to have some quirky things you both have or do. Like for instance you like to lick the peanut butter off the knife after applying on your bread and you catch him doing the same, it’s cute and laughable. It’ll make you feel a lot closer since he will not be disgusted by it but you’ll have a laugh about it later. Brings you closer because you will know that you do not have to pretend around him/her, you’ll be comfortable around each other.

This also gives the element of surprise in the relationship, there’s no better feeling like knowing you are not the weird on in the relationship. That being bizarre or odd will not land you in the single pile but something the two of you find funny and exciting.

Sam R. Hamburg, Ph.D., author of Will Our Love Last? Says that “The more uncommon and surprising your similarities are the better.” Which means that it will be kind of your little secret knowing that you are both quirky and have no qualms about it. Everybody has something similar to somebody else, so having a similarity that is uncommon only makes the two of you more likely to enjoy the relationship.

Being able to laugh at yourselves for all the peculiar, strange or even disgusting thing you have in common takes the pressure off of trying to be perfect. You can just be you and not worry that the other person will judge you or worse gossip about your unusual habit.
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