50 Shades Of Lust

It was the way his stomach muscles were divinely sculpted
That drew me in
I wanted to turn away, fast
But the way the droplets glistened on his almost inhuman skin
I could not willingly look away
Would I be condemned if I asked to touch
Would thunder strike me if I dared speak
Would the universe judge me if I fantasized
Being gripped by those gigantic arms
Every part of him just called to me

Speaking softly yet loud enough for my heart to heavily thud in its chest
Would I be judged if I allowed thoughts
Thoughts of devouring him linger for too long in my mind
It was the way the veins on his arms trailed his biceps and clung to him for dear life
I must confess
Veins on a man’s arms make me to have animalistic instincts
His veins, oh his veins tortured me
A sweet torture I reveled in with lust
Nothing could move me from that spot
Everything I imagined at that point
Bordered on madness, insanity, explicit, possession
It was the way his lips were curved into his face
That brought a hunger, a thirst for them
I couldn’t linger for too long
Lest I forget my own name and reality
Would I be stoned if I suddenly pounced on them
Would I be ostracized if I begged on my knees and clung for dear life
Those lips I could not forget
Even in my grave I would remember them
If he dared touch mine like I yearned
It was the way his back muscles rippled
When he majestically walked
That made my knees almost collapse
Beautiful tremors coursing through my substance
Hairs all over me standing to take notice
I couldn’t move, I wouldn’t move, I shan’t move
The contour of his spinal cord
The natural hollow on his back
Shattered my self-control, Sanity was leaving me
Strength was quickly evading me
Would Heaven grant me one wish
It is the way he is standing before me
Bodies only a few inches apart
So close I can feel him breath
He stares right through me like a mirror
Oh, the places I want him to take me
I steady my loins that are on fire to no avail
Could this be the moment
Could this be the last Shade of my lust

Copyright December 2015
Mulunga Alukwe

Live in Burgundy Moments


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