Every time I think of you, you call

Isn’t it weird that whenever you’re thinking about someone for a while they just seem to call you? It just happened to me today, I was thinking that I haven’t talked to one of my best friends and just like that, she call in the evening and we talk. A few minutes later an aunt of mine calls me to check upon me. I’d been telling myself since yesterday that I should give her a call to see how she is doing.

It isn’t just today but many other times that has happened. I think it’s because people who are close to you know when you are thinking about them. It means that they are that much important to you. I guess life knows how to connect you to the person who is dear to you and also that the mind is such a powerful tool that it’s almost weird.

All those thousands of miles that separate people become nothing the instant you thing about them. Think about it, you are in a different continent from the person you are thinking about. Oceans, wide terrains, mountains, space, so wide yet just a thought from your brain, makes them feel that you need them and they feel prompted to call you. I’m thinking that it’s the hearts that are usually so connected that you feel so close, nothing is able to separate you two. It just goes to show the infinite power of God. I mean who can explain that phenomena, you think of me and I pick my phone and call you, like in a sort of trance I cannot escape from your thoughts.

That’s how God keeps us from losing contact with the people that matter to us. You never forget a parent, sibling, spouse, family member, loved on, friend, sometimes even just an acquaintance. Have you ever experienced this? Let me know

Live in Burgundy Moments


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