Taking stock One

This is my first taking stock post. Yeeei! For me. I know, why am I excited about it? I realize sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference. There might be less and less things to get excited about so I tend to celebrate inny minny tinny stuff like a taking stock post.
Taking stock is really just about sitting down and reflecting on everything that has happened in your life. It might be what took place over the years, moths, weeks even days. It’s just slowing things down and finding out who you really are. Sort of like interviewing yourself. I can say I have a lot to reflect on and the answers surprised even me

It’s good, like you’re downloading this heavy emotion and finally saying goodbye and letting go. Taking stock is really just about being honest with yourself and not anybody else. So here goes my truth.
Opening: myself up to new experiences and meeting new folk. I feel like I’ve been cooped up in my own little world, I need to get out there more, its feeling suffocating already.

Feeling: unsure of what I want in the next chapter of my life. I’m back to square one and I don’t really know where to begin from.

Knowing: I will be okay regardless

Enjoying: discovering recipes that I would like to try out. Currently I’m obsessed with baking recipes. Bake goodies are just calling out to me. I must bake a red velvet cake

Wishing: I was still at my job

Learning: that no matter what charges at you in life, family is the only thing that remains. After the world has stripped you bare, only family remains loyal

Watching: How to Get Away With Murder. How did I not see this series until now, it’s so engaging and pulls you in totally

Needing: to be called Bae again

Marveling: at how babies just smile no matter what. It’s like they are in this little world where everything is perfect. Well it probably is, seeing that they think of nothing. Eat. Sleep. Play…I envy their schedule

Hoping: I will fall in love again soon. I miss the butterflies in my stomach, and racing heart bet to see him again. Being in love is just the best feeling EVER! Miss that

Loving: cardamom tea

Admiring: erotic art. Something about these old classic painters that create and bring to life passion in art. Heck maybe I’m just lonely

Thinking: I should probably stop sitting on my behind waiting for my old job to call us back to work. It’s been like a whole month already. Note to self, start tarmacking again

Wanting: a fridge. Weird. Huh?

Smelling: freshly rained on soil. Mmmm there’s something delicious about fresh rain falling on the dusty road. Make me just want to lick the ground. I must be hungry

Drinking: ginger tea

Reading: I should really pick that book

Making: plans to move forward after a heart break. Its two months now girl! Get your act together. Life shouldn’t revolve around a selfish person. It was just not meant to be

Cooking: chapatti and mixed vegetables. Lately I’m obsessed with Chapos. I seem to want more of them with different stews. Could it be …naaaaaa…I think not

Dreaming: of his kiss

Dreading: ending the year alone. My heart is exhausted loving and not being loved enough yet for some reason, I still want to be I love again. Glass half full kind of thinking

Listening: to Ella Henderson. Obsessed. Flipped over. Love. Nuff said.

Writing: poetry. I’m writing again, it’s been a while. I kind of lost inspiration to write but my mojo’s back. And I’m writing poetry more than I’ve been writing in the past year

Wondering: do I still want to keep my dreadlocks?

Eating: shell pasta and minced meat stew

Wasting: time thinking of what might have been, should have been, and could have been. I feel am stuck in this pod still rehashing past events, trying to see what I could have done to change things. I know I should just stop

Regretting: not saying I LOVE YOU more often

Creating: a vision board of what I want for my future. Unfortunately it’s still in my head. Does it help that at least I know what I want and will work on that soon? No? Okay. Where’s those clippings and a frame?

Wearing: oversize jumper and blue skinny jeans. Well, I’m indoors

Noticing: I ‘m thinking a lot about cutting my hair. Go bald! I just feel like I need a complete overhaul of my hairstyle. Like it’s weighing me down. Carrying pains, joys, disappointments, unsurety (is this a word) even lessons learnt. I need to begin afresh. New me, new life maybe…

Giggling: at the Wedding Ringer movie. Kelvin Hart kills it for me every time

Bookmarking: pintrest board of cakes

So there’s my stock taking. Have you ever taken stock of where you are, what your life is about or even where you are going? Let me know

Live in Burgundy Moments



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