Roaming the Streets of Solitude in the Fast lane


Existence in the fast lane is beautiful; I mean living without knowing what is on the other side just waiting for an adventure to begin, its crazy and fun at the same time. Yippee that’s all you ever hear from the desk of the most interesting notion: that the world is about to change; all you ever knew gone in a second of myriads of smoke and mirages in the desert, it keeps getting stronger and more real, the adventure begins when you let yourself believe that there is nowhere else in the world you would rather be than in the company of your family and friends who know you to be happy and a fun loving person.

To have fun is a right of every human being as sometimes there are moments of weaknesses where you feel as though you can do nothing, like someone said just because you seem weak does not mean you are as illustrated in this: the winner of a battle between a lion and a shark is determined by the terrain. The shark may seem weak just because it is on land but it is not so, likewise, the lion may seem weak just because it is in water but that is not the case. Both are killer animals in their own territory.

Being somewhere unknown does not mean that the lion is not the most feared animal on land while the shark is not the most feared animal at sea. Both are kings in their own right.

Life should not be too tough to handle otherwise nothing would be worth the trouble of trying to find your own place in the world.

A new generation of everything technology is cropping upon us without as much as a sense of warning. World is shrinking everyday becoming the clichéd global village. Does it have to offer anything good or is the sense that we are not all secure from all the horrible terror that we hear around the world. I’ m not phobic about anything and I was taught to embrace, understand, appreciate and even tolerate that which I do not understand or agree with. So you close your mouth when the words are burning in your mouth like arsenic when all you want is to spew them without a care in the world. It’s hard not to be able to speak your mind just because you are trying to keep world peace. I tend to think that harboring all those negative emotions will lead to one explosive world from the north to the south.

We will have no one to blame but ourselves when it becomes apparent that keeping silent for the sake of another is not working or viable. Tempers flaring will be the order of the day. Everyone will be yelling at the top of their voice wanting to be heard. That will be one major nuclear reaction that will not have good results.

Live in Burgundy Moments


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