Love for Books VS Love for Poetry


Books and Poetry, Poetry and Books. I don’t really see the difference because in books I find Poetry and in poetry I find Books. So really I don’t prefer one or the other.
Reading is usually a sort of therapy for me. Nothing beats curling under a duvet on the sofa or bed and indulging in a good book! Not a downloaded version but a paper back. One I can lick my finger and physically turn it.

Nothing more delicious than the smell of a new book opened for the first time, unwrapped like a gift…book is a gift to yourself anyway. It can’t be said enough that i LOOOVE to read, am a ferocious reader, anything goes, from newspapers, magazines, heck! I read brochures or menus when I’m bored waiting for someone at an office or cafee.

Reading just draws you in, you want to know more and more of the plot, you become invested in each character. I think reading beats watching a movie, I mean you get to decide how your character looks like, how they feel and even interpret the ending.
I read for different reasons; for inspiration, to be challenged, to fall in love and even escape.
I Love to read. Period.
So i thought what better way to share my love for reading than start a Book Club where i share my reviews of books I’ve read so you can enjoy too. Hope the reading bug bites you so you can love reading as much as I do. To see more of my book reading shenanigans check out my page here:


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