32 Random Facts About Me


We all have a habit of thinking that we know ourselves better than anybody else could. But I realized it’s essentially not completely true. We tend to surprise ourselves when we hear someone say that ‘I know you better than you think’. Which is probably in the middle of an argument and you think you are on the right. Know thyself, we’re told by parents, elders even the world. So to think that others know you more than yourself is simply something you find unacceptable. So I thought about this and decided I think I need to compile a list of random facts that I feel I know of myself that nobody else would know, or perhaps they already know. Still it’s fun discovering thyself. So here lies 32 random facts about me. I chose 32 with a reason not just some random number, reason? I shall not divulge. Anyway so random facts about me thrown under this list. Have you ever written such a list? For those who may know me do you agree, know everything or some of the facts; do you agree or disagree. Any random facts you want to add? Let’s have fun knowing me. Here goes…
1. My blood group is A positive
2. I was left by the school bus in primary school once and my parents thought I had run away. The headmaster found me alone at the gate so I had to go with him to his house and slept there until the next day when I found mum waiting for me at the school gate…drama I tell you
3. I fear watching horror movies
4. I’m a neat freak. I HATE clutter
5. I always wanted to get a tattoo of a scorpion on my pelvic area
6. I’ve ever had suicidal thoughts
7. I still remember my first crush…Ben
8. I have a strange attraction to everything vintage, from cars, fashion, décor, simple old and classic everything
9. I’m obsessive compulsive about balance. Objects just have to balance out. Whether on shelves, cabinets, on walls or on the floor. I will get up at night to adjust the wall click if its leaning oddly on the wall after trying to ignore
10. I hate pawpaw
11. I’m a sucker for fairy tales. From movies to non-fictional characters in novels and on the screen. Girl loves a happily ever after kind of story
12. Inwardly I’m a freak. No explanation
13. I tend to hoard stuff. I very rarely throw stuff out. I tell myself ill use it. And I do. Especially if it’s something recyclable. They’re always a use for something, especially turning it into art
14. I hate small spaces. I can never get into a crowded elevator. I start to hyperventilate whenever a place is too crowded
15. I’ve never gone to the movies for a date
16. I don’t know how to argue. I tend to walk away or just shut down. Ramble on till you’re done and I go away
17. I love my lips
18. I’ve almost spent a night in jail.
19. For the life in me I cannot stand bugs. Any crawling thing just irks me. Bugs BUG me
20. I love Jazz, classical music, the works
21. I hate being yelled at
22. I love being rained on especially in a downpour being drenched in the cold pouring rain…
23. I’m too patient, seriously, ridiculously patient
24. I don’t sleep the first night in a strange place
25. If I was an animal I’d be a Cougar
26. I don’t fear death
27. I can’t whistle. Tried. Fail
28. I was in a girl band in high school. We called ourselves GWADS (Girls With A Destiny), we sang during the daily parade and even events at school
29. Dream destination is Rome
30. I almost drowned once in a swimming pool when I was in primary school. Guess that’s where my fear of drowning stems from. Working on that
31. I think people are good
32. I want to have Five kids



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