Randon Rants: An old diary entry


The joy of motherhood…I picture it like the feelings you get when you are biting into a cinnamon filled piece of moist chocolaty cake that you have been eyeing after a week’s diet where all you had to eat is oats and boiled broccoli. The anticipation as you lift it up to the mouth your tongue sliding back to receive the reward of your ‘hard labor’

I must be broody or something but I always thought that by the time I am 25 I would be having my third born at least, you know so I can just close the chapter and concentrate on raising them as I juggle it with career. But that was then when I did not know any better and I thought that pieces of life always fall back together easily as life came.

True stuff has changed a lot and life in the 21st century is not as it was in the 19th or 20th century. The days when everyone knew what came next. You were to go to school, get a job, get married, start having kids immediately and grow old together and you would look back at your 60 plus years of marriage and sigh happily because you know that you have no regrets. Share peaceful happy golden years spoiling your grand kids rotten having the chance to be redeemed from past mistakes with your children.

Old age was actually anticipated as you knew that it would be a time to rest from all the hard labor you put in working and bringing up your children some of whom turned into ungrateful brats but your love never faded. Having grey hair was a sign of respect and gentle wisdom because anywhere you went people stood up for greetings and offered their seat because they knew that your approval meant their blessings.

The wrinkles on your hands were the symbol of all the toil you put in to ensure that food never lacked in your house and the same hands that offered discipline just so your children would not be an embarrassment to society. The fading eyesight showed that you had seen it all and that nothing would shake you. History repeats itself you always said because you knew there was nothing that had happened that never occurred again. Fashion came and went, cars came and went, you saw it all, and maybe you saw the Wars and experienced the best and worst of human kind. Nothing now fazes you. After the sunset has gone, you would hold each other’s hands as you softly laid your heads on the bed that you have shared since you became a couple then you’d just peacefully take your last breath.

Now the world is moving so fast you hardly have time to breathe, no more assurance that your plans will turn out the way they should. First finding that good man that you know you will spend the rest of your life with is like finding a needle in a hay stalk. Sure there are good men but are they able to take in the ‘modern’ woman? We have become our own curses. What with female empowerment and all-words like the kept-man was non-existent, our forefathers would have cut out their own arm, be boiled in hot oil, sleep outside in the rain, anything rather than rely on a woman to provide. It was a man’s job to see to it that his woman was well taken care of. Today in the fight for equality by women men have decided: yeah sure, she wants to be the boss, why not? As long as I can go out with my boys, watch football and find my meal on the table why hassle? It’s sad but sometimes you spend your whole life trying to change the man you are with and five or ten years down the line, you look across the table and you pout asking yourself what happened to him? I’m not against women being independent but seriously we need to start wearing our “skirts” and leave the “trousers” to men.


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