Where The Rich Lay Their Head


Green Park, Athi River

I need to Pause and ponder how life is. How different yet the same we all are in this life. So I am currently working in Machakos and this job has given me the chance to see different parts of the same place. Life is never the same no matter how close you are to each other. In Kenya for instance we are a vast diversified nation that is trying to blend and work together. Yet we have this invisible line that is separating us in many different ways. The Rich vs The Poor. The gap is yet increasing and pretty soon it will be the very rich verses the very poor. How is life so the same yet so different at the same time? People live together yet it feels like they are so far apart. Machakos is a cosmopolitan town that has intergrated people from all walks of life. Whether to work or live, and people are building houses and gated communities so the value of land has really sky rocketed, they coexist. From Mlolongo, Syokimau to Athi River, there oozes a sense of opulence, wealth and expensiveness, if that is word.

There is a stark difference between the haves and the have nots in Machakos County just like any other major town in our country. You will find a Gated Community Estate bordering a slum area. This symbiotic relationship has always existed from time immemorial. This is because one cannot do without the other. Those in Gated Communities depend on those living in slum areas. The majority poor provide services like Nannies, Cleaning the compound, watching over the compound and even laundry. The rich want those services and the poor need the rich in order to make a living. So win win for both.

I have found that there are those who are rich who feel entitled. Like you should be working according to their timeline and convenience. They have this air of superiority that makes them seem arrogant, some are, some just force it upon themselves. I have also found that there are those who are poor and also feel entitled. Like since you have made it, you owe it to them to give in to their demands. Both sides tend to suffer from inferiority complex or even superiority complex. Therefore coexistance between them becomes difficult.

I have had a chance to enter into homes that are wealthy to the point that you ask yourself whether you are really living or merely existing on this earth. Then you walk into a home where they are so poor that you wonder what makes you so specail that you have all your basic needs. So it’s a paradigm of sorts. Two worlds existing as one yet so different it is difficult to match or even explain the two together.

Where the rich lay their head is in great wealth. Where the poor lay their head is in great poverty. Yet when we all sleep we have pretty much the same dreams if not nightmares. When we go to the hospital we are treated for the same illnesses. When we eat we eat the same ingredients, they may be cooked differently but rice is just rice no matter the location. Dividing ourselves into two will only lead to more conflict as each tries to define their own identity expecting the other to conform to their personal norm of what is right.

As a parting shot I will leave you with this post that I stumbled upon on Facebook speaking of the picture below “As we tear each other apart because of politics and tribe, remember at the end of the day, we go home to one side of this wall.”


Nothing speaks of reality like the above picture does. If we let tribalism, politics, social status divide us we should know that there is only one fence that separates us all. You will all end up on one side of the fence. In a perfect world, there would be no fence, as we would all treat each other as a single humanity unit that deserves every opportunity the world has to offer. Sure you may be lucky or unlucky to cross over the fence depending on which side you cross from, but life has a way of balancing out things. Every man is cut according to his cloth and size, so they say, yet that should not stop you from believing you can change your fate for the better. Life is about YOU and  what YOU can make of it. Therefore choose which side of the fence you want your life to be. No one else can do that for you.

“If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree”

Jim Rohn

He said it. I could not have put it any other or better way.

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Random Thoughts in Machakos County


Machakos County

So my 30 Day Writing challenge was a bust, a failure, a goner…I guess writing is really not a simple thing, especially when you have little else that inspires you at that moment or any givem time for that matter. Lately my life has seemed to be on a “stuck in a rut” kind of mood. I feel like I am not moving in any particular direction, like I am going in sqaure circles.

By the way how do you know that your heart wants something or someone for that matter…forgive my random digress…I have no idea where this is going. I haven’t written in a while so any random thought that comes to mind will find itself here. I mean where else am I allowed to speak total non sensical crap 😯😯

Where I’m sitting its hot like crazy… Machakos County! I tend to wonder why are guyss from this side of Kenya are so light skinned with all this damnable heat! Second day here and I am already blackened like an earthen pot from “ushago” (the village) I literally have a black neckline from where the t-shirt I wear ends exposing my upper neck. Damn, I hope this discoloration is not permanent ata kama (even though)the hustle is real.

Okay, back to heart matters. Can you really trust the heart with your emotions and feelings without the mind questioning it? Who says the heart is always right? What if it is wrong? And you have already made up your mind to just go with it.

Lovely grafiti on that matatu!

Heart matters B, heart matters. I have trusted my heart and ended up being hurt. I have also trusted my heart and ended up winning. So I’m confused. Should you or should you not listen to your blood filled organ in your chest that keeps beating regardless of the mood?

I love Reggea by the way. It just speaks to me in ways that other music does not, well except Rhumba, Jazz, Classic and Blues.. tuseme tuu (let’s just say) almost all music, but Reggea though… the randomness of this post is so random I am just putting random thoughts together. I should visit Machakos People’s Park so I can see all the hype about that place. I might as well, I am in Machakos aren’t I?

A black cat just walked by. Should it mean something? All that talk about taboos, beliefs or curses of the black cat are they really true? Some say it’s true only if you believe, others just brush it off. But that cat is just so cute how can it carry all those things that people claim they do? Maybe I should Champion the rights of cats, black cats specifically. Who’s in? No? Okay.

Can you believe I am seated in a Kinyozi (Barber shop) randomly writing this post? Maybe you shouldn’t. I mean how do you know if half of what you read on the www portal is actually true? Me you can believe, I promise. I have a photo evidence above ☝☝

Am I done with heart matters? Well that is a thought for another day. Let me allow my heart to decide on that. Emotions, feelings, thoughts tend to inter mingle and mush up into much confusion. Or is it the confusion that mushes into all those emotions and feelings?

I’m now in a matatu, the same one that got us halfway and refused to give us enough money to get to where we were going. Those who know Mombasa Road, the mat was to get us to Nyayo but it got to Bellevue and gave us back 10 bob! Ten shillings! When was the last time anybody paid ten shillings during rush hour! Even just from one stage to the next? We have rights! Phew! At least the lightning didn’t strike twice. I can get home in peace.

Hmmm, the clouds are gathering, maybe it will rain. I hear in Machakos it never rains and when it does the hot sun just makes the water evaporate. Speaking of evaporation and rain on dry soil, who here loves that smell of rain falling on dry soil? I swear there are days I want to fall on my knees and lick the earth. That smell is just too delicious my mouth is watering right now. Ebu nitafute mawe nikule! If I translate that I don’t think you will get the full effect of those words 😕😕. Hit my inbox or comment below if you want the translation. I’m mean aren’t I? I see you agree, yes you!

So Here! Here! To randomness of writing what makes and doesn’t make sense. I swear my brain does not work like that. I make sense, most of the time anyway, I really do.

Live in Burgundy moments