The Rocket Science of Falling in Love


It was love at first sight…actually I only saw his back but what I saw I cherished. I love the arms so my eyes were drawn to his arms, his strong arms that seemed firm as he waited for the water to be brought for cleaning the floor. Then he left either to find out what was taking so long or to bring the water himself.

The walk, I loved the way he walked, it was as if the world had stopped and he was moving in slow motion. I simply liked what I saw.

He is cute and really sexy. I could tell he had a masculine chest through the almost hugging black T-shirt that he wore…forgive me God for lusting…maybe I was seeing or imagining too much but he had me hook, line and sinker. The whole package was totally fwayne! (Fine!)

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Clothing Stained by Corrupted Flesh


City streets glowing the darkness of a full moon
Alleys crafted by those with evil intent
Stained lamp posts glitter with rust
She staggers almost missing a manhole
Heels tightened around her ankles
Thighs beating in the nasty July cold
Ring on her nipple grasping for space
Her belly button fighting the pinch
Long legs for days saunter along
A gasp here, a stare there
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Eargasm, orgasm, foodgasm are we having too much gasms


When it comes to English words, sentences, phrases, they keep changing and evolving every single moment. There are those words that we tend to make up just to make the conversation more interesting. Then there are those words that are used to describe a situation, feeling, explanation or even meaning. Some terms have been in existence since the beginning of time, others we coined them to explain the happenings and even feelings that cannot be described in simple terms.

There are some emotions that we get when we do certain things that are just too intense and deep that you have to have experienced it to know how it feels. Mostly we remember the feel good emotions more than the bad ones. Intense feelings and emotions tend to stick to your mind and therefore words had to be coined in order to bring out their true meaning. I’ve been hearing words being thrown about to describe what goes on when you are having such a moment. Three words for today are Eargasm, Orgasm and Foodgasm, here goes… Continue reading “Eargasm, orgasm, foodgasm are we having too much gasms”

Egg-in-a-hole Recipe


Want a new way to cook your egg and toast? Why not try Egg-in-a-hole? Called so because you break an egg inside a hole you made on your slice of bread and cook. Easy? Yeah! Most Egg-in-a-hole recipes have runny eggs so if you don’t like your eggs sunny side up? Let the egg cook for longer and you have your yummy breakfast. Here is the recipe for this awesome breakfast toast. Have fun! Continue reading “Egg-in-a-hole Recipe”

Her Bee Stung Lips


Tell me they need to be healed
Taken care of
So smooth and luscious
Have created moments to be yearned for
Emotions to be craved for
Illusions to be lived in reality
Sins to be forgiven later
They give me a purpose
Speak to me in tongues undefined
Course through my veins
Every moment I think of them
Wonder how they taste
How my lips will accept fate
When can i own them
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